Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We had a great Christmas this year. The Tuesday before we had my Noble family party at a church in Circle G Ranch in Mesa. For those who have never been to Circle G Ranch, its a neighborhood of million dollar homes who go ALL OUT for Christmas and decorate like crazy. Its always an experience to ride around their neighborhood and enjoy the Christmas spirit. One of the activites that the Noble's set up was to go riding around on a hay ride while Christmas caroling. We had a blast, and Braxton just LOVED being able to look at all the Christmas lights. (One of his most favorite past-times.)

Braxton and Daddy before the hay ride
This is Braxton's excited "OOO" face he makes when he sees something he really likes or gets excited about. He was doing this the whole ride. It was adorable! (I took some pictures of some of the homes all lighted up, but pictures just don't do them justice at all so I decided not to post them.)

Me and some of my beautiful cousins (and sister, and B-rax) at the party. I love family! Thats what the holidays are all about!
Christmas day was lots of fun. Braxton could actually kind of understand what was going on and even though he didn't understand WHY he was getting lots of good stuff, he sure enjoyed it all.

Christmas morning...

This was one of his favorites. A little climb and slide set. He loves climbing and loves sliding, so...he has a blast with it!

One of his other favorites was a HUGE bag of balls Justin bought for him. As soon as he saw it he dumped them all out and just rolled around in them and threw them up in the air and was having a ball! (No pun intended. :)) He is definitely all boy!

B-rax opening his radio flyer turtle. He doesn't quite know how to ride it yet, but he loves pushing it around and chasing the dogs with it. :)

By far this is probably his favorite toy he got. We didn't get it put up until a few days after Christmas, and he hasn't stopped swinging since! Too bad I can't put it up inside the house...I would be able to get so much more done!
And here is by far the biggest surprise and most awesome gift I got this year!

Yes, ladies..."He went to Jared!" :) I have always wanted to say that! My first pair of real diamond ear rings! Justin hid the bag and pulled it out at the very end after I thought we were all done, and I was so surpised! He did a great job this year. I got alot of awesome stuff (an iHome for my ipod, a foot messager, tickets to the Billy Joel/Elton John concert, an external hard drive for all my many pics to name a few) but this by far was my favorite! Thanks baby!

So the holidays are over and its back to real life. Bummer. This is always a sad time now that all the excitement has died down, but starting a new year is always exciting too. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Beautiful Art Work!!!

My oldest brother is an amazing artist, and he just started a new website, called Autumn Sky Gallery, to sell his artwork! Someday he is going to be right up there with Simon Dewey and Greg Olson and Liz Swindle, so NOW is the time to buy his work when its still nice and inexpensive! He is even having an AFTER HOLIDAY SALE on his Old World Art, so go check it out and see if there is anything you are interested in. You won't regret it! Check out his website HERE! (Check back often as he just opened it and will be adding new artwork all the time!)

Here is a sample of a few of my faves:
(Some might recognize this from the CD cover artwork from 1856 The Musical)
(Beautiful Christmas picture of Mary and Baby Jesus!)
(Mesa Az Temple)

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I can't believe my little boy is one year old!! It seems like just yesterday I was listening to him cry for the first time in the hospital. He has grown so much. Here are some of my favorite things about my little man:
1. He walks around all day saying "Bop" or "bok." I don't know what it means, if anything, but it sure it cute.
2.He points at something that he wants or anything that he thinks is interesting and makes an "oo" face and gets really excited.
3. He LOVES vacuums, balls, anything outside, stairs, playing in the car, parks, and cheese.
4. He gives the BEST hugs and squeezes so tight. It just melts my heart.
5. He has the cutest 4 tooth smile ever
I could go on forever! To get to the party though, here are pics of our little gathering we had for him after our trip to Utah. Even though his birthday was the day we left, we had to postpone it until we got back.

Alisha squeezing in some study time before the fun starts

Daddy and the birthday boy admiring the presents

Grandma enjoying the yummy food

Grandpa asleep on the couch. He is always so busy, he catches a nap wherever he can! The poor man!

Uncle Johnathan and Aunt Shaliah frosting the cake

Uncle Joseph and my baby

Opening the presents! He loved each one and just wanted to sit and play with them rather than open the next one. I guess thats typical for a one year old though, huh?

I think the toy vacuum was the biggest hit of the night. He wouldn't put it down and just kept pushing it around everywhere he went. Maybe I will have a little helper on my hands soon when I clean the house. :)

Enjoying the birthday cake! He wasn't sure he was allowed to make a mess at first so it took some coaxing so get him to start eating with his hands, but once he got going he loved it!
It was a great little party and we were glad we had family close by to enjoy it with! Family always makes it better!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

For those who knew my sweet Grandma Speakman, she passed away this last week. We knew it was coming, but it was still hard to accept. She has always been one of the most amazing women I have ever known, and I have tried so hard to emulate her in my own life and with my own family. Her dedication and service to her family and to the gospel is unparalleled. I am sad my children will never get to know their great-grandma Speakman, but I hope through they can learn of her through her journals and life history and know of the amazing heritage they came from. Both Grandma and Grandpa were true examples of what this gospel is all about here on earth, and though I know they are dancing together again and just having a ball learning all there is to know about the after-life, we sure will miss them here on earth.
Her funeral was last Friday and Saturday, so my family all packed up and headed up to Utah for the service. Justin and I actually already had tickets to fly up there for his work party that was happening Saturday night at the Grand America Hotel in SLC (his job is based out of Linden, Ut) so we just moved the tickets a few days earlier so we could be there for the service. It was so nice to be able to see all my dad's side of the family again, even though we didn't get to spend a whole lot of time with them. I love them all so much and wish we could be closer so we could spend more time together and our children could become friends. We stayed with my cousin Jess and her little family in their new home Thursday and Friday night. They have a little girl Braxton's age, so it was nice for them to meet eachother and be able to play together for awhile. Thanks Jess and Drew for your hospitality and making us feel at home!! We had a great time with you guys!

Dani, Jess, Drew, Maggie, Braxton, and Justin at Chili's, gettin some grub
Saturday night Justin's job paid for us to stay at the hotel where the pary was at, and I must say I was definitely impressed. I believe the Grand America hotel is the only 5 star hotel in Utah, and it lived up to its rating. The service was wonderful, the hotel was beautiful, accomodations were amazing, and the food was absolutely FABULOUS! Unfortunatley i didn't get to go to much of Justin's party, since all our babysitters for Braxton fell through, but we were there long enough to enjoy a nice dinner and meet his head honcho boss, some of his co-workers and their families. Sunday I spent alot of time with Braxton walking around the hotel and playing outside in the COLD weather, and we enjoyed a wonderful brunch in their Garden Cafe before checking out. We walked around the SLC temple and visited the visitors center, then headed to the airport to hang out there before our flight home that night. All in all it was a nice family trip. Its never really a "vacation" when the kids come along since there is never a break for mommy, but it was still nice to be able to be in the nice cold weather and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

This is pretty much what our room looked like, with an Italian marble bathroom. It was BEAUTIFUL!

Our little family at Temple Square

Justin in front of the temple
B-rax chillin in his car seat. I couldn't get him to keep any socks on his feet! The second he was sitting down he would take them off.

Justin pushing the baby around temple

Check back soon for pics of B-rax's birthday!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sorry I have been slacking off in the blogger world lately! Hopefully I will get back on track here soon.

So last Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving, Justin and I got to go see Coldplay in concert at arena. It started at 7:30, but of course there was a few opening numbers so Coldplay didn't even get onstage until about 9:15. It was worth the wait, though. (Well, I think it was. The 2nd opening number was some weird DJ that played really loud, crazy, rave type music that lasted FFFOOOORREEEVVVEERR!!) Coldplay was awesome. They are lots of fun to watch in concert and they had some great numbers and a wonderful finale. After picking up Braxton and driving home we didn't end up getting back until about 1:00 in the morning. I remember days not so long ago when that was nothing, but I must be getting old because it sure took a toll on me the next day! It was fun though and really nice to spend time with Justin. We haven't been on a date in a long time so we needed one.

Me and my baby

Coldplay doin their thang

Piano solo. Really beautiful.

The Finale. Wahoo! (They were little tiny paper butterflies flying all over the place.)

Thanksgiving day was good, but tiring. We ate dinner with my family at around noon, then just hung around for awhile and eventually joined my mother's side of the family at a church where we played volleyball for a long time. (well, everyone else played, but I was exhausted and not feeling well so I stuck with watching B-rax most of the time.) The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS this weekend. Rainy and cold and wonderful Holiday weather. It would be so awesome if Christmas could be like that! I can always hope, right?
We did have a little excitement before heading to the church. I didn't know Justin's keys were in the car and I locked it behind me. Yikes! Luckily, my handy mechanic of a brother, Jaron, had a handy-dandy set of tools for just such an occasion.
In our case? 5!
My dad is on the other side guiding Justin with the wand thingy to unlock the door. It was pretty funny to watch them all! The keys were recovered fine and all was well.
And now its time for CHRISTMAS!!! WAHOO!!! I finally have some nice festive decorations I was able to put up this year, so our home looks all Christmas-y. YAY FOR THE HOLIDAYS!! Now if only the cold weather would come to stay, it would be perfect!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spilling the Beans

For those who need clarification, I am indeed prego again. Definitely not planned and a bit of a suprise, but I am sure once this stinky first trimester is over I will be much more excited about another little baby entering our lives. Due date is July 1st. Thanks for all your comments and support!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Morning sickness, peeing every 5 minutes, morning sickness, feeling like you always are running on 2 hours of sleep, morning sickness, extremely tender body parts, morning sickness, bloating...did I mention morning sickness?

Isn't having children wonderful?!?! :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

This is one of Braxton's new favorite past-times. Along with opening all the cupboards and taking out everything he can find, he loves to open the bottom of the oven and climb into it. He loves to climb in and onto ANYTHING these days. He is just starting to walk now and will be taking off anyday. He also loves to point at anything and everything and grunts, asking what it is or calling my attention to something he finds interesting. Its almost a routine now that everytime I go into his room after a nap, he is pointing at all the sticker balls I have on his wall and wants me to take him around to show him each one. He also LOVES being outside and will spend every second he can out there. He will be a year old in a few weeks. I say this alot, but its amazing how fast they grow. I love my little man so much and just love to hold him and hug him and cuddle with him and watch him explore the world. He is so precious!

Monday, November 3, 2008

I hope everyone had a HAPPY and FUN Halloween! This was Braxton's first, and although he didn't know what was going on, he still loved dressing up in his little outfit and joining in on all the excitment. I found a little TIGGER costume for him and it worked perfect. He was so adorable!

Don't ya just want to EAT him? :)

We went to our ward trunk or treat to let Braxton do some trick-or-treating, and it turned out pretty good. They had carnival games and chili and cornbread and cotton candy and there was a really good turn out. Justin came straight from work so he didn't have a chance to dress up, but I went as a sleep-deprived mom! You can't see my crazy hair or the circles under my eyes very well in the picture, but it was simple and easy and fun to dress up and get in the spirit of things.

Cori and Eli and Indianna and Christopher dressed up in their Halloween best

Isaiah (Cori and Eli's son) dressed up in his "handsome lil' devil" costume. SO CUTE! (Indianna was an angel.)

My little Tigger and me!

Friday, October 31, 2008


Just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! WAHOO!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


If anyone is looking for or know of someone who is in need of a place to live, we are looking for new renters to move into our condo!

2 Bed, 1 bath condo available for rent. Clean, brand new carpet. Hardwood floors, washer/dryer IN condo, close to all major freeways and shopping centers, community pool, small community rec center, community field, covered parking. Available for IMMEDIATE MOVE-IN!! $500 deposit required.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Monday, October 13, 2008

Autumn Time!

This last weekend the weather here has been AMAZING! Saturday was so windy and beautifully cool, and thankfully the low temps have decided to stay a little longer. Today Cori and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and have a picnic at the park with the kids. Wahoo! We love picnics!

Cori, Indianna and Christopher, the son of some good family friends

Me and B-rax and Indi. With the wind blowing it was almost cold in the shade! yahoo for Autumn weather! (Finally!)

B-rax's first time in the sand. He couldn't decide if he liked it or not.

I guess he decided he DID like it, cause he tried to eat it! Should have seen that one comin...

Indi climbing the bars

Christopher and Baby Isaiah

Going down the slide with mommy. This was his favorite part!

There's a smile! If you look closely you can see his top two teeth poking through his gums. I am still getting used to how he looks with teeth...he looks so different!

It was so nice to be outside for awhile and actually ENJOY it again...I love Autumn time!