Sunday, August 28, 2011

They Keep On a Growin'!

Life is good here. Bella has grown like 2 in. in the past 2 months. SHe has started talking more clearly and pronouncing her words better, and every little baby (meaning kid younger than her, even by a few months) she sees she has to give them a big hug and try to "help" them walk, sit up, whatever. Of course its usually more of a hinderance to them than a help, but its so cute to see her mothering instinct be so strong at such a young age. Just within the past couple weeks, she puts "y" at the end of everything she says. "Where is my drinky?" "Can I have more juicy?" "Upy!" (Meaning "I want you to hold me") "I'm gonna tickle your feetsy!" "I wanna kissy!" No idea where she got it from, but its stinkin' cutesy!

Braxton started preschool this week! I can't believe my first little baby is going to preschool. He already LOVES it and is so proud of his little blue folder he takes back and forth with him. He has to show it to anyone who comes over, and he even asked to take it to church today so show all his friends and teacher there! He goes with his little buddy Jack and cousin Wyatt, so that I think has helped him adjust quickly and not be too sad to be away from me. I am excited for this school year and to see how much he learns and grows, both mentally and socially.

Conrad is just my happy little angel. He smiles all day, and smiles with his whole face. I love it and can never get enough. He loves to snuggle with me, loves being held, and is content to just hang onto my shirt like a little monkey while I go about my business and watch what I go. I love his wet slobbery kisses he gives me all day while he chatters away. What a blessing he is! He has been teething the last like 6 weeks, but those bottom gums are just being so stinkin' stubborn and won't let those two teeth pop through. He has been a little crankier than normal lately because of that but I still can't complain. Even WHILE he is teething he is an angel. He started baby cereal this last week and is totally excited about it, but not sure what he thinks of the taste yet. (He watches everything I put into my mouth like a hawk and always tries to grab it and stuff it into his own.) I am so in love with this little guy and wish he would stop growing so fast. I love this baby stage and am eating up every second I can get.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I heard a quote a couple months ago at stake conference that has stuck with me and become part of my life. It was,

"Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved."
I think about this every day. When my kids run through my newly mopped kitchen with fresh mud covering their feet. When all I want is peace and quiet and my children are playing the "who can scream the loudest game." When I FINALLY lay the baby down, only to have one or both hooligans run into my room laughing and screaming and wake him up again. All throughout my days situations happen where I am so tempted to lose patience with my children. And I do, alot. But EVERY time, this quote jumps into my brain. Its like the Lord is saying, "Ah Ah Ah, Sarah, remember!" And I have to stop, take a breath, and remind myself that its ok. I can mop the floor again. I can get the baby back to sleep, or enjoy peace and quiet that night when they are all dreaming in their beds. I have learned that its not worth the pain I see on their sweet little faces when I DO lose control. Because this life is all about relationships. Of everything we have here on this wonderful earth, that and our knowledge are the only things we are able to take with us. How sad would it be if I try so hard to make something right, only to make one of my children (or someone else) feel unloved along the way? Its something I am working on, and always will. I certainly haven't mastered it yet. But its always in my head, and I am grateful for that constant reminder. We could all use a little more love.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Dream is a Wish the Heart Makes...

I was in the living room with Conrad early one morning, making the kids hot chocolate (they can't start their day without hot chocolate!) when Braxton suddenly runs in, eyes huge, hair a mess, staggering like a drunken man.

"MOM!" He said. "Santa Clause left me a present!" He started searching around the room frantically.
"Uh........" I stuttered as he tore apart the living room, "I think it was a dream, Braxton."
He stopped and looked at me like I'm crazy.
"Mom, no, Santa Claus left me a SHOOT GUN! And one for Bella too! Its over there!" And he runs over to where our Christmas tree usually stands.
"Braxton," I giggle "I think you had a dream. Its not time for Santa to come yet. Its not Christmas time."
"No, mom, Santa Claus gave me a shoot gun. Maybe its in my room." He dashed off to search for his treasure. I can't stop laughing at this point, but am feeling a bit bad too that there isn't going to be a present anywhere for my sweet boy. After a few minutes he comes walking back into the living room, looking dejected. My heart cracks a little for his dashed hopes.
"I'm sorry son. It must have been a dream. Dreams can seem really real sometimes, huh? But maybe when it IS Christmas time then Santa will bring you a shoot gun. Ok?"
Braxton's little freckled face was still and I could see his mind working, trying to figure out this mystery. "I thought he brought me a gun..." he lamented. My sweet boy. I never wished dreams could come true more in my life than at that moment.
A hug, kiss, and a warm sippy cup of hot chocolate and 10 minutes into Caillou, you were your happy self again. I was still laughing.