Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I can't believe October is over, Thanksgiving is almost here, and then before we know it it will be Christmas! This time of year just FLIES. October was a busy, crazy, fun-filled, eventful month! I wish I had taken pictures of everything that happened, but I can barely remember to put my shoes on sometimes, so I am grateful I even remembered to take these! :) Enjoy! 

My sweet Sophie is 3 months old! How does it happen? How do they grow so fast?? I so fear the day when I am looking at my full-grown, adult children and wondering when they grew up. I will miss these days full of laughter, craziness, crying, screaming, playing, hugs and kisses, love, and joy. Its hard, but its my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
Sophie is my Angel Baby. She is a joy in every way. She rarely cries, is always happy, sleeps so well, and will sit for as long as I need her to (usually) in her bouncer and just be HAPPY! Seriously, I know the Lord knew I needed an angel to help me get through my insane days and so He sent me my Sophie! 

HALLOWEEN!!! It came SO FAST this year! Before I knew it it was the day before Halloween and we hadn't carved pumpkins, made our traditional "graveyard" desert or roasted pumpkin seeds! So, we crammed it all into one day on Halloween! BUSY day, but so much fun! 

Making and enjoying our YUMMY "Graveyard!" 

This is the first year we actually used a kit to carve our pumpkins. SO much easier than free handing it! Why have I never used one before?? I think they turned out pretty well for my first time, if I do say so myself. :) 

Halloween night - 
My little Pumpkin

Brax was a NINJA (he had lost his weapons and refused to wear his mask by now, all well) Bella was a beautiful WITCH, and Conrad was a DRAGON! They all loved their costumes! Good thing to, since this was like the 4th time wearing them for a Halloween activity! :) 

Our cool pumpkins! 

The week before Halloween we had a surprise. Johnathan was coming home earlier than expected! A missionary in his mission needed to be escorted home, and Johnathan was chosen to bring him since A} He is AMAZING and KIND and OBEDIENT and someone they could trust, and B} He was coming home soon anyways. Oct. 29th he returned. We are so blessed to have this amazing man as our son and brother. He is an example to everyone who knows him, and I know the Lord has a  special mission for this special kid. Man I love him!

WAiting for Elder Speakman... "I think I see his feet!" :)
After two long years, these sweet brothers were reunited. TEARS! 
I can imagine there is nothing like holding your son in your arms again after two long years of him being away...

And THEN...
ALISHA IS ENGAGED!!!!! AHH!! My little sister...getting married. Its happening. The last 4 siblings are growing up, getting married, moving out. Our family is going to start changing and growing again really soon. Its going to be weird to have new in-laws and more nieces and nephews (it has been the oldest 4 siblings who have been married and having kids for the last 5 years) but exciting too! And MY SISTER!! How is is she is so beautiful??? I'm so happy for her!
Her and her man, Mr. Mark Cooley


Homemade bread, jams, fruits and veggies, and homemade pie. YUM!! 

Playing games. Yes, thats GUM!

Ooh-la-la!!! Her face matched the color of the gown! :) 

Her buds!

So that was a QUICK recap of October and beginning of November.  Now, BRING ON THE HOLIDAYS!! :)