Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Buzzes and Flour Power

Summertime = buzzed  heads!! 
Brax and Justin ganged up on my and begged for a mohawk...
so we settled for a fohawk. 
And then of course Braxton thought he looked like Ang the Avatar, so we had to complete the look...

(His tough "Avatar" face)

My little baby looks all grown up! He looks so different without all his beautiful baby hair.
It took me a couple days to get used to it, and his new "man-boy" face.
I love this kid!

Best part of making homemade bread? (For the kids, anyways) 
Playing in the freshly ground flour! (WAY better than sand...)

Best part for MOMMY is not stressing when Conrad eats half the bowl...!!!
(Hey, its whole all you want baby!) 



Sunday, May 20, 2012

Slip N Slide and Bella's Dance Recital

A couple days ago, the Elder's Quorum in our ward had a MONSTER slip n slide party at the park. IT WAS SO RAD!! We slipped and slid for hours to our hearts content, then filled up on hot dogs and snow cones and did it all over again! "We" you ask? OH YES! I was stoked for this party and wouldn't have missed out on all the fun! Conrad loved it just as much as I did. DEFINITELY an activity worth every year! 


 The moms get in on all the fun...
 Me and Conrad and Bella (hanging onto my back.) Wahoo!!

I woke up the next morning with bumps and bruises all over my body, but IT WAS SURE WORTH IT!!

Bella had her Dance recital last night. Her class danced to "Six Little Ducks," and I must say my little duck was definitely the cutest of them all! :) She was also the best little dancer up there and smiled so big and just ate up all the applause and attention. As soon as it was over she begged to go again and cried when we left to go home. I have a dancer on my hands! WAHOO! :) I will live vicariously through my daughter her whole life...

 She is third from the right in this pic, then second from the right in the next two. SO STINKIN" CUTE!! I was so proud of her!  She just smiled and smiled and quacked and did all the right moves at the right baby is a star! :) Love you baby girl!! (I recorded a video of it on my camera, but the format was wrong and it won't transfer to the computer. I'm working on getting the one I took from my phone transferred over. Hopefully it will happen soon!)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Bella is a big girl!! She worked hard for two long days to learn how to ride Braxton's "big boy" bike, and once she got it down she didn't want to get off! So we bought her an early birthday present...her very own princess "big girl" bike! She has been sick all day today, but I decided to show it to her anyways to cheer her up a bit. She LOVES it. Her and Brax are so cute riding around together. I'm glad it brought a little happiness to her day, and know it will for many more days to come. 

I was just doing a little "blog stalking" and came across a story of a woman who lost her beautiful 7 month baby girl, Ruby, to a liver disease. (Read her story here.) I was sitting here exhausted, still smelling puke that I have been cleaning up all day, so grateful for a small break from my children before I have to get up and do this all again in the morning, when I starting reading her story. I bawled. And bawled. My sweet children...I AM SO BLESSED. And now I am sitting here, so grateful for every second I have with them, loving the smell of that puke because it reminds me I HAVE MY CHILD to hold and love and smell and kiss and watch grow up. And that is ALL I can ask for, and be grateful for. No matter how many gray hairs I have sprouting from my head right now because of them...I HAVE THEM. I AM SO BLESSED.