Thursday, March 27, 2008

Birthday Surprise!

For my mother's birthday this year, my aunts (her sisters) and her mother and I put together a little tea party breakfast where we suprised her with a special present. My aunts had gone walking with her that morning and decorated my grandma's house with balloons and a banner and set the table all quaint and cute for us, and then me and Braxton (and my brother Joseph who is being home-schooled) joined them. We had yummy, hearty bran muffins and fresh squeezed tangerine juice (DELECTABLE!) and ornage juice, little breakfast quiches and turkey bacon and fresh fruit with yogurt. That was the best breakfast I have had in ages! We used the nice china dishes and had soft music playing in the background and it was just so fun! We felt like we should have been dressed up in english dresses and hats and talking about the weather and the latest gossip.

But the breakast was really just an excuse to get together and SURPRISE my mother with her special present this year for being the "World's most Wonderful Mother!" :) What is it you ask? An ENCHANTED GETAWAY to VICTORIA ISLAND in British Columbia! Wahoo! My aunts and I and my younger sister Alisha are all going to be her "escorts" as we tour the beautiful Buchart Gardens and stay in charming little bed and breakfasts by the ocean there. It took awhile to plan it all, but it will definitely be worth it! I can't wait to go! Here is the picture of my mother when she read where we would be going...

Happy Birthday Mom! :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Blue Lipped Braxton

My poor baby has had Thrush, a yeast infection in the mouth for the past month. It appears as little white spots, so I at first thought it was just dry skin, but when I finally found out it was an infection I was so sad! I felt like a horrible mother for letting him go so long without even knowing he was sick. He has been on oral anti-fungal medicine for two weeks and it didn't go away, so the next step was to paint his mouth blue with Gentian Violet (a TOPICAL first aid solution...yeah, I was not too keen on putting that all over in his mouth). So for five days my baby has had bright blue lips. Its definitely gotten some funny reactions from people! Unfortunately, today is the fifth day and still the infection has not gone away, so we may have to pay the doctor a visit soon. Wish him luck!

Tigger Time!

Braxton has a new friend! He is just starting to grab things with his hands, so I introduced little Tigger to him that we bought for Christmas, and they are best buds now. He just loves hugging him and holding him tight...its so cute!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Claim to Fame

I'M IN THE NEWS!! My friend Cori and I were out for our daily stroll with the babies and my doggies and ABC News 15 approached, asking if they could interview us about the home prices and gas prices out here in Maricopa. Exciting, huh? . . . Ok, so its not like I'm in the movies or anything, but seeing as how nothing much happens out this way except spit-up and poopie diapers and baby talk, I was pretty stoked about it! :) Check out this link below to read our article and watch the story that was taped.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

His New Toy

And here it is...Justin's new baby. (It seems we've had alot of those lately.) An '07, barly used Land Rover, with only 11 K miles and sold for much less than what it was worth. 4 wheel drive, all leather interior, heated seats, two sunroofs, air suspension, Terrain Response System with 5 settings, and the list goes on. Justin is a very happy man...Hopefully, it won't be long before we are doing THIS:


Saturday, March 1, 2008


Only in Arizona can you put on the swim trucks and have a fun day in the sun... on FEBRUARY 29TH!!! Not even March yet, and it was so warm that I was ready to jump in right along with them!

Little B-rax chillin' in the empty pool right before he went swimmin for the first time ever, and then he decided to make a meal of mommy's arm while Indianna splished and splashed, enjoying the nice cool water.
Me and my baby boy! He LOVED the water and looked so cute in his little truncks.
He also loved eating my hands....hhhhmmm. They both had a blast and I can't wait to take him swimming again. Knowing Arizona, it won't be long before its warm enough to go again! Next time, I think I'll join 'em!