Sunday, May 30, 2010

Harvest Time

Look at those sweet, juicy, succulent peaches... Mmmmmm....

And they taste even better than they look.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Kiddos May '10

Braxton got an owie. It actually happened a few months ago, and all that's left is a lovely scar. He refused to let me put anything on it, so now he will have a testament of his stubbornness on his face the rest of his days. It was weird how it happened. We were having a family party for my Mother's birthday just a few days before Alisha left on her mission, and some of us were standing around a fire chatting. Not even close to the fire, like 5 feet away too. Braxton runs over, throws his arms around my legs and looks up at me to beg for some water, when suddenly a little ember shoots out of the fire and arcs across the open air to plop right down on his tender little face. Very weird. I am just grateful it didn't land another inch higher in his eye.

This is his "I have said 'cheese' three times now mom, just take the darn picture!" face. :)

Braxton is talking pretty much in full sentences now. He loves telling us stories about his day and some cool thing he saw. He is starting to really become a daddy's boy (it's about time!) and can't wait for him to get home every night so he can run to him and throw his arms around his neck. Justin couldn't be happier about that. He has been waiting a long time to have a little buddy to hang out with! Braxton is a social nut and any kid he sees is immediately his friend. He can't get enough of the outdoors, swimming, and ice cream or chocolate (still his momma's boy in that regard!)
I can't get him to keep his shoes on. No matter where we are or go, within minutes he had his shoes off and is running with the wind again. May change once he realizes the Arizona ground is a frying pan in the summer, but for now I can't help but let him get away with it. He is a free spirit. Hey, they are only young once, right?

Bella gets more sweet and cuddly every day, though she definitely already has an attitude, and she lets us know it! She started taking steps a few weeks ago, and mastered it quickly. It was neat to watch how persistent she was. She never gave up or resorted back to crawling once she started taking a few steps. She would fall over and get right back up and try it again, even if she was frustrated or crying. It makes me happy to watch her plump little body waddling around everywhere. I just want to gobble her up.

She loves climbing on anything and everything. I am amazed at some of the things she gets on top of. And I may be a horrible mother for it, but sometimes I allow her to climb on things I probably shouldn't because I can't wait to see that triumphant smile she flashes when she accomplishes her goal. She is a go-getter and life is going to be a ride with this one.

Bella finally has a tooth! Her first bottom one broke through about 2 weeks ago. She won't even touch baby food anymore and insists on having only "grown up" food, which sometimes is hard with only her one tooth. She makes it work though and always rewards me with her giant gummy smile that plays a magical chord in my heart. She LOVES cheese, cheese, and more cheese, and of course frozen yogurt. Wouldn't be my child if she didn't. :)