Sunday, October 20, 2013

October Thus Far

We had a little family outing a couple weeks ago and went out to the desert for Family Night. We always enjoy shooting, quadding, having a big bonfire and bustin' out the old family guitar while we sing songs round the campfire and cook smores. Yup, true blue Arizonans here. :) 
Conrad was in HEAVEN being able to ride the kids little 12V quad out there in all that open space. And Braxton was in heaven being able to finally shoot a (bebe) gun! Ha! Seriously, that is all he could talk about all day! It was a great evening. 
But then, spending time with the fam is always great, no matter where we are. :)  

And then there are the breathtaking Arizona sunsets....NOTHING compares to these...
This is HOME to me right here 

This last week was our ward Halloween party! Kids got to try out their costumes. Here is a little preview of HALLOWEEN!
Brax, the NONJA,  Conrad, the DRAGON, and Bella the beautiful WITCH! 

And Sophie, my little SLEEPING BEAUTY! :) 

SHe is such a ham! 

Gotta show off the weapons! 

Love my little happy man!