Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Children's Museum of Phoenix

We love the children's museum! 
Hours and HOURS of fun...minimal work from mom. :) 
It was Conrad's first time...He was in HEAVEN

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Haboobs and Stuff

HABOOBS!! I love that word. :) And I love them! Nothing like a good ol' Arizona summer dust storm out of nowhere to make your day. Doesn't it look ominous? SO COOL....

Ward Slip N' Slide, Take 2
This time Justin was able to come, though, and quickly discovered the joy of this marvelous ride

Braxton's first day of school! 
He is going to the Montessori Kindergarten and is doing SO WELL. Their atmosphere is exactly the type he thrives in...steadfast boundaries with choices within those boundaries. Don't know how long we will keep him there since we would like him to have a stronger academic push than they offer, but for now he is doing great.