Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Can you guess what we did for Family Night last Monday?? 

THis is their signature pose right now.. Brax's thumbs up and Bella trying to copy it...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mother Nature's Farm

For Bella's preschool outing last week we got to go to a local farm, Mother Nature's Farm. There was hayrides, animals to pet and feed, pumpkins to pick and decorate, a bounce where the kids could bounce off the walls (literally! HA! :) and loads of fun to be had. The kids had a BLAST and we all enjoyed the cooler weather and Fall fun. 
I love this time of year!
Brax, cousin Hyrum and Bella

Sweet Girl

On the hayride! The kids loved it

Braxton's favorite part was feeding the animals. He loved watching their long tongues flick out,

Bella and cousin (and best buddy!) Hannah

My perfect, happy little man. How I love him! 

Decorating pumpkins


Thursday, October 18, 2012

New York, New York

Last weekend Justin and I took a little weekend trip to New York to attend his best friend's (from high school) wedding. This was our first trip ever ALONE...without the kids...since we have had them! It was a quick trip but SO NICE to be together and just spend some time being "us" again. 

Highlights of the trip: 
- GORGEOUS fall colors
- Cold weather
- Meeting Justin's "buddies" that he has always talked about
- Staying at his mother's BEAUTIFUL B&B in Wallkill, NY Thursday night and spending a little time with her 
-The YUMMY breakfast she served us Fri morning
- Getting to wear my snazzy dress and rockin' 5 in. heels Aubray and I picked out for the wedding! 
- Spending lots of time with my hubby
- SLEEPING IN Sat. morning (was waiting months for those few hours of bliss...) 
-Watching Brian and his new wife be so happy and in love

"Not So Great" moments:
- Getting food poisoning Thursday evening from the seafood dinner at Philly Airport and puking my guts out for the whole  plane ride to his moms and many hours after
- FLYING STANDBY - getting bumped Thursday morning from our first flight which then made us late for our connection in Philly, requiring me to stay and eat the nasty said seafood which led to poisoning
- FLYING STANDBY - Getting up at 3am to catch flight that then stranded us in Charlotte, NC airport for 24 HOURS  as we repeatedly were bumped from flight after flight after flight. (Word to the wise - NEVER fly standby on a Sunday, ESPECIALLY if flying to west coast)
- Missing my kiddos

His mother's beautiful home in Wallkill. 

Oh the loveliness! I couldn't get enough of the beautiful changing fall colors

On the drive to Connecticut, street lined with beauty the whole way. LOVED IT!
My outfit for the wedding! WAHOO!!  
My and my hubs

Yup. Thats my man!  

Brian and wife. SO CUTE

Justin, gettin his groove on on the dance floor!

At the wedding, having a blast!

Thanks again to everyone to helped watch our kiddos so we could go. What made this such a wonderful trip was not having to stress about the kids cause we knew they were in good hands. You are wonderful and we love you!