Thursday, November 26, 2009

Halloween '09

So I know this is a little late, but better late than never, right? Halloween this year was so much fun now that Brax is old enough to actually kinda know what is going on. He loved wearing his pirate outfit, but the silly goose wouldn't wear the cool hat that went with it. Ironic, since the kid puts everything he can find on his head, but of course he wouldn't wear a hat when he was actually supposed to. I snapped one picture just before he ripped it off again!

My handsome little boy. He didn't quite get the whole concept of "trick-or-treating"...he would knock on the door then try to walk into every house when they opened the door. He was confused every time until he got the candy then he happily left and went on his way. It was fun watching him and seeing how he reacted to everything. Here he is dancing around in his costume before we left to trick-or-treat.
Bella, my little pumpkin. She was so adorable, and such a good girl. I put her in the baby carrier and she was just a happy little baby all night long. She is so sweet.
My brother and his wife just love Halloween and go all out every year with decorating their yard and making it fun for trick-or-treaters. They always have the coolest outfits, too. We went over there after some trick-or-treating to watch them scare all the people that came by and just hang out for awhile.
My sister-in-law, the classic witch
Matching cousins! Bella and her cousin Audin, who is just a few months older, both were little pumpkins. We had to get a pic, of course.

Here is their spooky graveyard. My little bro Joe dressed up as a freaky scarecrow and pretended to be a stuffed doll until the people came by...He got some pretty good screams out of alot of them.


My bro, the werewolf. He always has the coolest masks and outfits.

I can't wait for next year. I just love watching my children grow and enjoying all these new experiences. Happy Holidays!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bear Flats Camping Trip

My Speakman family all took a trip to Bear Flats and camped out for a couple days together. This was the first time we have all been camping together since us kids started getting married, so it was fun to be able to all be up there and spend some quality family time together. The weather was a little warmer than we would have liked until night came, then of course it was FREEZING. Luckily I came prepared and pulled out the piles of blankets so the kiddos could stay warm. It was nice and relaxing and we all had a good time. The highlight was probably the Quads that we rented to have up there, minus the small accident Shaliah had on one of them.

Here is pics of random family members just chillaxin'...

You can't see this pic very well but Johnathan of course had to show off his manly prowess and climbed up this insanely high rock and was doing Tarzan calls. He cracks me up. If you look closely he is right in the middle of the pic posing for the camera...

Jaron, cooling off in the cold river. Thats one way to do it I guess.
My little man, enjoying the random hats he would find and put on. I think his favorite part about the quad rides was that he got to wear a helmet the whole time! Silly boy.
My beautiful Bella
Dad Speakman, enjoying being in nature and letting out the good ol' cowboy stored up inside.

Mom and Bella

Father and Son. Dont you just love all the smiles B-rax was giving the camera on this trip? He was like anti-smile anytime a camera came around him.