Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Bella's 1st Birthday!

My sweetest Bella,

You turned 1 yesterday, and it was such a fun and memorable day. I kept thinking all day long about how only one year ago I was laying in a hospital bed, anticipating your arrival and wondering what you would be like. That was such a sweet day for me, brimming with tender, loving emotions. I felt such peace as I lay there waiting for you. Everything went so smoothly, your arrival almost perfect in every way, so reflective of your character and who you are. You came out tight fisted and crying, angry at being yanked from your comfortable home. I remember seeing your dark curly hair, your pink chubby body and being giddy with happiness. It always surprises me how much love a mother can feel for her child at that first moment of meeting. I cradled you close to my breast and sang to you and just stared at your perfect face probably for hours. How can someone so imperfect create such a perfect miracle? You are mine, and always will be.

I look at you now, a whole year old, and I can't help but smile in adoration. My love grows for you every day. You are my little love bug! You love smooching me, and I mean smoooooching, and I can't get enough of it. Your hugs fill me with warm bubbles of joy. I love it when I pick you up after you wake up from a nap and you lay your head down on my shoulder and pat my back, like "thanks mom. I knew I could count on you. I missed you too." Or when you think you did something funny, you open your mouth wide and crinkle your nose and give the cutest little laugh. You love to sing and dance, to play with your brother, to cuddle and hug, and you love hugging and laying all over Marley and Loui. I don't think they mind too much, either. You are already trying to talk, saying "momma" and "daddy," and even though I can't understand too many other of your words yet, you are excellent at communicating your wants through your body language and facial expressions and your ever famous pointing finger. You are my girly girl, through and through! You love trying on shoes already, playing with momma's brushes as you comb your hair, and its so funny to watch you try and dress yourself! You make us all so happy, and we are truly blessed to have such a beautiful and wonderful daughter and sister in our lives. I look forward to every day with you and can't wait to see what you have in store for us tomorrow.

I love you my Bella Rose! Happy Birthday!

The beautiful Birthday Girl

Some of the Friends and Family
If you can't get the face, ya gotta get the toes!

The cake!

The presents!

It was a wonderful day! Thank you to all who made it such!