Sunday, February 19, 2012

Moments of My Life

Braxton is at a stage where his little emotions are everywhere and he is trying to figure out how to deal with them, and sometimes its quite funny! We left his soccer game the other day and he was kind of upset cause we didn't have time to play on the toys afterwards, and as we were driving home, suddenly he just started BAWLING! His eyes were squished shut and his mouth was down in this adorable pout and he was wailing, "I miss Daddy SOOOO much! I miss Daddy! Mom, I really miss him!" Uh.....where did THAT come from? I tried consoling him by telling him we would be seeing him soon and its ok, we can call him and tell him you love/miss him, but it didn't ease his little heart's pain. Then when we got home, he walked inside and went straight to the back door and let the dogs in, then threw his arms around their necks and as they slobbered him with wet kisses he wailed, "I missed you too Marley! I missed you too Loui!" Wow...this coming from a kid whose idea of "playing" with the dogs is using them as a punching bag or footrest? Ya, SO not like him. It was quite adorable though and I loved seeing his tender little heart being so raw and open for a few minutes.

I had a dream the other night where I was tearing up the dance floor with swing dancing with an AWESOME dance partner (don't know who). I awoke with my feet twitching and heart pounding, ready to jump up and start where my dream left off. UGH I miss dancing! I certainly was no pro, but boy did I love it!! The music flowing through ya, body moving in rhythm to the beat. Its the most fun (and best exercise) I've ever had!!  Someday, I WILL do Ballroom dancing again. I promise myself this.

I pulled out the kids' summer clothes. Its only February, and I'm already pulling out summer clothes! Kind of depressing, huh? Of course, as soon as I did we had a cold front pass through and had to get the jackets back out for a few days, but I have a feeling any more winter weather is going to be few and far between. Farewell, winter. Our time together was short but oh so sweet.

Braxton was going potty at my parents house and I was sitting in the living room with some family members chatting away when suddenly he popped his head out and said, "Hey guys, I need it quiet in here! I'm trying to GO!!" HA!

We were at the doctors office and a rather large and rotund man walked in with a long white beard. Bella's eyes became as wide as saucers and her mouth dropped to the floor. I was trying to figure out what in the world she was so shocked about when she very purposefully walked right over to him, looked straight up into his twinkling eyes and asked,  "Are you santa claus?" I about died!! (Both from trying to hide my laughter and from embarrassment) He was a good sport about it and said "No I'm not,  but we go fishing together sometimes. I'll tell him you said hi!" Bless his heart.

We had a fun Valentine's Day this year. The Friday before, we met at Becca's house with some other little cousins and friends to make YUMMY Valentine's cookies and cupcakes. The kids had so much fun and walked away with WAY too much sugar in their bellies. We spent all day Monday making Valentine's for Daddy, and I decorated his car V-day morning with chocolate and hearts to let him know he was MY Valentine! The weekend before he asked me what I wanted for V-day, and I said "I want to go on a date!" not thinking that it would really happen since he works so late on Tues/Thurs nights. Well Sunday after church we are getting in the car and he says "I have a babysitter for Tuesday night!" I ask "For what??!" "For our date!" he says. Bless his beautiful heart! REALLY? We haven't been out for so long and never been out for Valentine's Day itself! I was as giddy as a love bug. He took me to a really nice restaurant in Scottsdale, and even though I could barely taste the food cause I had a stuffy nose from a cold, (gggggrrrrrr) I loved every minute of it. It was even cold and windy/rainy, which just made it all the more fun and enjoyable for me. Thank you Baby for making me feel loved and cherished for our special night. It know it probably wasn't that big of a deal for you, but it meant the world to me and I love you all the more for it. You're my Forever Valentine!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This and That

Bella's kitchen she got from Nona for Christmas is one of her favorite toys. I can usually always find her in her room, dressing herself up with makeup and shoes, or playing with her little kitchen. 

Conrad and Braxton love it almost just as much! 

 And then there is the walker Nona gave Conrad...her toys are always a hit! (Thanks Mom! :) ) 

Santa brought me a bike this year, and a trailer along with it to pull the kiddos so we can go on family bike rides. The weather has been SPECTACULAR so we have taken many a bike rides already this year! 
 Justin with C-Rad on his back. Conrad won't sit in the trailer...he just cries the whole time for some reason, so thankfully we have this awesome backpack (also from Nona!) to carry him in. HE LOVES IT! 
 Brax and Bella in the trailer. Bella being stubborn, of course. We love bike rides! 

And here is our Beautiful Bella Rose in her gorgeous dress from Aunt Patti! Bella looks just like a princess in it and it is definitely her favorite dress to wear right now. (Sorry Patti, I can't get the boys to pose in their suits, but I haven't given up yet! Hopefully I will have one for you soon.) 

 So how do YOU transport the laundry from the wash room to the kids room when your chillins' won't let you out of their site without screaming?? 
Here's how we like to do it! (There is a rope attached to the basket so I can pull them in it.)

Conrad was being really cranky for a couple days, which is totally out of character for him, especially since I knew he wasn't teething or anything. Then early one morning he had a NASTY diaper and I opened it to start changing it and what did I find??? 
Poor kid. No wonder he was cranky. I wouldn't be happy passing that through my system either. SO grateful he was able to swallow it though without choking on it.