Sunday, April 27, 2014

Jan/Feb Recap

Here are some of the highlights from the Caruso Clan for the first few months of 2014...

We started the year with a New Years hike, bright and early New years Day. We went to South Mountain and hiked Hidden Valley, one of my favorite hikes! We didn't make it all the way in with the kids, but still had a grand time. Especially with Grandpa and Nathan and Becca's little fam. Family makes everything more fun! :) 
Conrad LOVES riding on Daddy's back! 

They found a cool cave! 

The cutest cowgirl around! 

Enjoying an after hike lunch. Mmmmm...

Bella's preschool went to the I.D.E.A. museum and had a great time there building and exploring. 

Conrad's favorite was the food and kitchen section. 

Braxton started Karate in Feb. He loves it and is probably the best in his class. He will hopefully be moving up in rank again this month to the next color of orange belt! He is a PRO!

We had our first HOT the 90' FEBRUARY. Thats Arizona for ya. My kids took advantage of the warm weather to bust out the hose and cool off on the tramp! 

Sophie...Ahhhh, my Sophie. She always has been and always will be my Angel girl. I can't believe how big she is getting. SO bittersweet. I am trying to cherish every day of my last baby but she is still growing too fast. She is just a ball of fluffy, chubby, sweet love. I can't kiss or cuddle with her enough! LOVE LOVE LOVE this girl! 

Bella Rose had her final clogging recital at Riverview and did a GREAT job, of course. This girl has dance flowing through her bones! She LOVES it and is a natural. Can't wait to see where she will take it! 

How grateful I am for my beautiful family! They all bring such a different dynamic to our home, and though its crazy at times...A LOT of the time...its my life and I love it. They are my world. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cabin Snow Trip 2014

Hello Blog. Its been a long time. Yes, I know, too long. Don't be mad, please. I tried to resist, really i did! But Facebook, well, its powers of allurement are astounding. And its just so much more convenient. It is ALWAYS there, everywhere I go, tempting me to enjoy its pleasures. But I am determined to make it up to you! YOU are my first love, and even when I strayed, you are still here, just waiting for me to fill your pages again. I won't let you down this time. It may be a slow process, but I will make it right. 

So, let's take a few steps back to January. The end of January, actually. When the Speakman family took a trip to our favorite cabin (Aunt Grace's Cabin) in Lakeside, Az. 

It was wonderful. It was SO fun. And it was COLD!!! 

Looking out the front door of the cabin

My Sophie baby

Nathan and Becca, enjoying hot popcorn, hot chocolate, and some hot company :)

Keeping the kiddos busy with play-doh while it SNOWED like crazy outside! 

My Brax, in nothing but a light jacket and gloves, and its about 15 degrees outside. Yup, he is his daddy''s boy!   

The second day we were there it hadn't snowed yet at the cabin so we took a little trip to find some. We found PLENTY, and it was SO WINDY AND COLD on this mtn! The girls were only outside long enough for this picture, then they tucked themselves away in the car and happily ate snacks and watched a movie while the rest of us tried to pretend we were enjoying freezing outside. :) 

You know you are from a desert when you EAT the snow! HAHA

GO GRANPA GO!!! Always young at heart. :) 

All bundled, trying to stay warm! 

Its Olaf! HA! (From the movie "Frozen")

Last day we were there we took a trip to Pinedale, where my Grandma Speakman grew up. It was so cool to see where she lived and to see our family land. These are the only pics I got there, but HOPEFULLY someday we will have more, as we are TRYING to buy some of that Petersen Ranch land for our posterity.

It was a wonderful trip! Until next year!