Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Clean and Clear and Under Control!

Braxton had his eye surgery on Feb 11th. He had a clogged tear duct in his left eye that was causing it always to be so goopy and watery, and it finally got so bad I had to take him in to get it taken care of. The surgery itself only lasted about 30 min and everything went well. The doc put a tiny little tube in the eye connecting his tear ducts to help it drain and stretch the ducts out, and he cleaned out the nose and got all the gunk out that has been in there since the problem began. (Since he was born!) It was just a small outpatient surgery, but it was sure hard to watch the nurses take my baby away and hear him cry out for me. The hardest part by far was watching him wake up from the anasthesia. He was in and out of conciousness and had the IV in his foot and his eye was bleeding a little bit and he was just screaming, not knowing what was going on and why he felt the way he did. I knew he was going to be ok, but to have to hold him while he was going through that and having no way to confort him...it was so hard. I seriously think I cried more than he did throughout the whole morning! After we finally were able to leave he settled down a little bit and as soon as we got in the car he was out. He slept the rest of the morning, was up for just a few hours then slept a few more hours and after that he finally started acting like himself again. It was a hard day for us and I am so glad its over! On a positive note, though, the surgery was a huge success. His eye is completely clear and clean and beautiful! He looks almost like a whole new boy! Its so wonderful to see him without all the gunk and goop. He is a beautiful kid and I'm glad and grateful people can finally see him as he is.
(Sorry no pics...I was to emotional to remember to take any that day!)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

He's All Boy!

Last week alot of women in the ward got together and all took our kids to Tumbleweed Park in Chandler. It was a little bit of a drive, but I think it was worth it. This park was HUGE and was covered from the sun (SO NICE) and had so many different toys for kids of all ages to play on. We stayed for about 2 1/2 hours, and all the kids still had a hard time leaving cause they were having so much fun. This picture doesn't do the size justice, and its only one part of it, but at least you get the idea of the theme of it all...

Braxton loved climbing all over the kiddie cars and trains. He spent some time on the swings and on the big main jungle gym, then spent the rest of the time chasing birds and seeing how far he could run away from mommy before she caught up with him. A bit harder now that he is starting to run and I'm getting fat!

He also loved this wobbly walkway thingy. I think he thought it was a trampoline or something.

B-rax loves the dogs! He goes up and just gives them the biggest hugs. Marley tends to take it better than Lou. Maybe cause he's a bit bigger? Braxton spends so much of the day just chasing them around with his toys. He gets a kick out of it when he scares them and they bolt off in the other direction. My poor baby girl. I wonder what he will do to get a reaction out of HER when the time comes...

Braxton's latest love? Any cooking utensil big and black. He won't put them down! I usually have to pry them out of his hands after he falls asleep for his naps or at night. I don't know what his fatuation is with them, but he can't get enough of them. Here he is with his two faves: The ladel and a spatula

My sweet boy loves to pose for the camera!

Here are just some random pics of Braxton playing in the backyard on different days. He would spend all day every day out there if I let him! He just loves being outside.
He dumped the dogs water all over him so I had to take his pants off - hence he is not wearing any in these first few pics. And he is still so adorable in his onsie and moccasins G-ma Bibi sent!

Just chill-axin' in the cool winter weather!
Teasin' the dogs...again...

And finally, my son has mastered the doggie door and now thinks it is his primary mode of access to the backyard. Its cute, but not when I block it so he can't go out and forget its on...only to wake the next morning and find the dogs have used my carpet as their bathroom. UGH! Guess it comes with the territory...