Sunday, April 26, 2009

1st Haircut and More

Braxton got his first haircut! I meant to do before/after pictures, but he never holds still for more than 2 seconds so it just didn't happen. His hair was getting so long he was getting a little tail in back, so I figured it was about time! My mom trimmed it for me since I was nervous about messing it up, which turned out good since it definitely took two of us to get it done. We had him sit in the swing in back of my parents house, and he did good for about the first 3 minutes, and then he was done and not happy.

I like the Mohawk look...don't you? :)

We went to the zoo again last week while the weather was still tolerable before it gets too hot. We went again with some of the other women in my ward, but we had alot smaller group this time so it worked out better. Braxton was such a good boy the whole time and loved playing in the splash pad after looking at all the animals. Our favorite this trip was the gigantic turtles. These things are huge!

Momma and Braxton

Having Fun in the sun! (and water...)

This is what happens when I let Braxton feed himself. (Which he INSISTS on doing all the time now) MESSY!! All well...he is learning. Slowly.

I am almost 8 months now. I think I am smaller in size than I was with B-rax, but I am having alot more aches and pains alot earlier on this time. I found my first vericose vein the other day...not a happy woman. And a pinched nerve in my back just won't let up and makes for very unpleasant, well, anything. 9 more weeks to go!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


We had a simple but good Easter this year. We had a nice church service and then just chilled here at home together as a family. The weather was nice and breezy, so Braxton and I spent alot of time outside. Justin hid some eggs for him in the backyard and we had a little Easter egg hunt. B-rax loved it! He is a great egg-finder, and even after we told him that he found them all, he kept walking around the yard looking for more. We had a roast for dinner and just enjoyed being together.

He is off!

Where are they?

He found some!

B-rax is such a big boy. He suprises me every day with how much he understands and how smart he is. He still isn't saying too many actual words, but just recently his noises have started to sound more like words. He says "more" and "drink" and "ball" really well, and he has his certain sounds for "fishies" (gold fish crackers) and "shoes" that sounds alot like the actual words. He loves reading books and can point to pretty much any animal or object I say in his books.
He is the best little helper, too! He loves vacuuming with mom and always pulls his little toy one out to help me when I vacuum. He loves sweeping, and makes messes purposefully sometimes just to be able to use the broom to sweep it up! Any trash bag I set out he immediately picks up and drags it to the bin on the side of the house. My favorite so far was just the other day when he found a plastic grocery bag and took it out back. I looked outside a few minutes later to find him picking up doggie poop WITH HIS BARE HANDS and putting it in the bag to throw away! It was gross, but cute. I couldn't help but laugh. He is such a sweetie.

Monday, April 6, 2009

New Do and ER Visit!

I CUT MY HAIR!!! This is the shortest I have had it since I was a little girl, and I am LOVING it! I was so ready to just have it all gone, with the weather warming up and me getting fatter and more tired every was time! I had it re-highlighted as well and added some low-lights, but you can't see them too well in these pics. I really like it though! Its so much easier to take care of, and I can actually wear it down without feeling like I am suffocating. I feel like a new woman! :)

Me and my baby boy. Don't you just want to eat him?!? I do, every day. He's my little sweetheart.
I just think this is so funny! I can't get enough of just watching him wrestle with the dogs. He finalls ends up just laying on one of them until they stand up and slide him off. I am glad they are patient with him, for the most part.
We had our first emergency room visit yesterday. Braxton was playing outside with the dogs right before conference, and Marley got a little too excited and started sprinting around the house. I looked over from doing the dishes just in time to see him bolt through the back door and run full speed head on right into Braxton. He was thrown like 6 feet and slammed his head into the concrete. I ran out there and picked him up - he was crying so hard he couldn't breathe. He was limp and pale and his eyes wouldn't focus, and soon after he started getting really drowsy and falling asleep. After about 20 min there was no change, so we decided to take him to the urgent care here in town. Their hours are so weird though and they didnt open until 10. While we were trying to decide what to do he started coughing, and every time he would cough he would cry harder and hold is head like it hurt, and THEN he started throwing up. Of course thats when we both started freaking out and decided to take him to the emergency room. It was a battle to keep him awake on the long drive there, and I tell ya I dont think I have prayed so hard in my life. We finally made it there and thankfully it wasn't very busy, so we got to see a doc pretty quick. Well, after all was said and done, we decided not to do a CAT scan because he started being alot more alert and got his color back once we got there (of course). So they just put us in a room for an hour and had us watch him to see how he did, and within about 30 min he was totally fine and the docs said he looked great and we were able to go. They gave us a list of things to look out for the rest of he day and told us to come back if the vomiting continued. I'm glad we were in and out pretty quick-I think a total of an hour and a half, and I'm grateful Justin was able to be there with us. And of course I am SO grateful he didn't have a cuncussion (sp?) or something worse. Many thankful prayers were said on the way home! I was pretty upset at Marley the rest of the day, but its hard to be mad at the dog when I know he didn't do it on purpose and he was a saint the rest of the day. I think he knew he hurt B-rax and was sorry. So anyways, all is well now, and I'm glad our first visit to the ER was a good experience. I'm sure with a little boy there will be many more to come!