Friday, June 29, 2012

Beach Camping 2012

Every year we go beach camping for our summer vacation, and every year it just gets better and better. (Well, it gets better since the first year we went with kids!) This year we stayed at the San Mateo Campgrounds in San Clemente, and we LOVED it. Clean, shady, lots of trees, respectful workers and other campers, really pretty area. The best part though was of course hanging out on the beach ALL DAY every day for a week. 
Cool salty breeze, lots of wonderful family, friendly beach-goers, yummy snacks, sand toys galore, cold water, lots and lots and lots of sunscreen, comfy beach chairs and umbrellas, a good book...
I could sit and relax and just let the kids PLAY. And play they did, ALL DAY every day, without one whine or compaint or whimper. Like I said...HEAVEN! 
We were so sad to leave, and are already looking forward to next year! 

Lots of pics, in no particular order...

On the Pier, a favorite hang-out when not hangin' on the beach

The friendly fishermen showing the kids his latest catch

This kid loves chasing the birds

Like father like son, no?

Uncle Joey helping Bella make a sand castle


My momma...gotta love her! 

Alisha and Shaliah, riding the fun! 

This is what Braxton was doing the majority of the time he wasn't in the water. The sand was nice and WARM and he would lay there for just hours soakin it up. Like I said, LOTS of sunscreen! 

Jusin and in laws but could be brothers! 

Daddy and Son, playin in the waves


My and my gals

Auden, Nathan and Becca's oldest boy. That hole was chest high! 

Conrad's always trying to be like his big brother and wants to help him in anything Braxton does.

Building a wall to "stop" the waves!

The transit ran right by the ocean and every time it passed Conrad would get so excited and stand up and WAVE hello (or goodbye?)  frantically. It was so stinkin' cute! 

 Nathan with his kids and BElla. Love this pic! SO CUTE! 

The Moms and the Pops

 Nathan holding baby Henry last night we were on the Pier

 Becca playing "tag" with kiddos

Justin and Conrad, enjoying the view

The sun setting on a memorable and wonderful week!

The fam! (My mom and dad, Alisha, Joseph, Shaliah, my family and Nathan's family)

Alisha and my Bella

Me and my boy!

Until next year!! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Californ-I-A w/Nanna!

This last weekend we had the opportunity to travel to California and visit/meet Justin's grandma (Nanna) and his Aunt Joan and cousin Kim. Nanna and Joan live in N. Carolina and were over on this side of the country to visit Kim, and as me and the kids have never met her before we figured it would be a good time to go say hello.
 It was such a wonderful and lovely weekend! I was so impressed by all of them and how sweet they were to us any my crazy kids. Nanna was so kind and thoughtful and it was a delight to get to know her. She is a little woman with a big heart and alot of spunk! :)

Justin and lovely Nan, taken on phone by Braxton (hence the blurr!)
(Here is a more clear pic, taken from Kim's facebook page. Thanks Kim. :) )
My kids just adored Joan. She was so attentive to my children and treated them like she had known and loved them for years. My kids are not always the easiest, but she was so patient and loving and kind and Braxton just latched onto her and wouldn't let her go. I again was just so impressed by them all - I felt like we have been a part of their lives for years. I'm so grateful to have such wonderful family!
Wonderful Aunt Joan! (again taken by Brax...)

Kim, Justin's cousin.

Kim was so sweet to open her home to us and let us hang out there all day Friday. I loved getting to know her and can't wait to further that someday. Braxton even gained a little crush on her while there and always wanted to sit next to her at the tables! It was so cute. 

We got there Friday morning and spent the day with Joan, Nan and Kim paying in the pool, eating WONDERFUL homemade food, resting and relaxing, eating out and walking on the beach before sunset.
Bella on her "soft cozy bed" as she called it in the hotel room.

                                Our stroll on the beach before heading back to hotel for night...

IT WAS COLD!! I totally forgot sweaters...thinking "why in the world would we need sweaters in Cali in June!" DUH!

My this pic

Conrad's first time at the beach! He loved it! 

The Girls
Saturday morning we spent playing at a cute local park we found...

Then around noon we headed to the beach for the rest of the day! Wahoo!!

We had so much fun, and I can't wait to go back in a couple weeks for our beach camping vacation!