Sunday, May 25, 2014

March March March!

March is one of my favorite months of the year. 
The weather is BEAUTIFUL here in AZ in March. The flowers and trees are blooming. Orange and grapefruit trees are ripe and ready to pick, the juice sweet and so flavorful. Fruit Blossoms fill the air with intoxicating aromas. I LOVe it. And so of course we spend a large majority of time outside around this time. The kids all "moved up" a bike this Spring...Braxton got a big boys 20" bike. Bella inherited Braxton's old one and learned how to ride it with no training wheels within a DAY (so proud of her!), which means Conrad got Bella's old bike. Thankfully, even though its pink, it was love at first ride with this kid and he hasn't wanted to get off since. Hours and hours of bike riding fun, enjoying the cool spring breeze and just being KIDS. 

Sophie had her first swing ride! Just wanna bite those chunky rolly polly legs! 

My superhero! This month Conrad decided his alter ego is a superhero...which one varies depending on the day...but most days its BATMAN! Suit, mask, cape, and most recently he has added his "power boots!" (An old pair of rain boots) He dresses up EVERY DAY still to this day, many times refusing to take it off for outings, trips to the store, or even bedtime. I don't mind one bit. After all, he saves me from bad guys like 20 times a day with his madlike superhero skills! LOVE this kid! 

Bella's preschool took a trip to the dairy farm in March. SO MANY COWS! They had a blast petting the animals, taking a hay ride, feeding the animals, and having a fresh glass of flavored milk and then ice cream. 
Got Milk???

Holding the Rooster (without freaking out!) YAY BELLA! :) 

Look at his little face....he is so proud of himself! 

Then to top it all off...we ended the month with Conrad's birthday! 
THE BIG 3!!! 
We decided just to keep it small this year and celebrate with just our little family at AMAZING JAKES! The kids were SO EXCITED to go there and had a BLAST! (THey beg us to back at least once a week...)

And whats a party without cake and presents?!? 

He carried those three dollars around for 3 full days after (and are currently no where to be found), slept with his Hulk for two nights, and made sure that bow and arrows never left his side. Ya, his hands were pretty full for a few days! Love how much he loved his presents though. It doesn't matter what they would have been, he would have loved it just the same. This kid has a heart as big as the ocean. I am so blessed to be his mother and get to see what he decides to fill it up with throughout his life. He is my special little man, full of personality and adorable quirks. He surprises me every day with his wittiness and silly jokes, and he just loves life and all it has to offer. Every day is an adventure for and with this kid.