Monday, September 22, 2014

First Day of School!

And another year begins. 

Brax is in 1st grade, Bella begins kindergarten! (Conrad starts preschool, but not for another week, hence his pjs :)) Stop growing up my kiddos...

California 2014

End of Summer FINALLY came...and with it our annual beach vacation in Cali! WAHOO!! We were once again unable to camp due to late booking, so we stayed in a hotel in La Jolla area. We love the beach! 

Sophie is ready for her nap! (And mommy is ready for her to stop eating the sand!)

Trying to skim board..... I think they are still a little young for that! Ha!  

Taking a nice break while Sophie naps, enjoying the beautiful ocean waves and salty breeze! 

One of my favorite pictures! No matter how many times we explained it to him, he still just stood a the skim board, waiting for something to happen! This kid cracks me up! 

Awww...I love her! 

Wednesday we went to Legoland! SO fun! Our tickets also came with entry to SeaLife Aquarium right next to it, so we enjoyed exploring under sea too! 

Legoland baby! The kids had a blast. It was hot and a long day for Justin and I, waiting in lines and trying to get to every "land" there, but the kids loved it. 

ALL LEGOS! EVERYTHING there was made completely out of legos! UH-MA-ZING!! 

We found the pirate bay! Didnt have suits for the kids, so they got to play in their clothes! At least it kept them cool for awhile...

An entire CITY, made completely out of LEGOS. Blew my mind!

Took a nice break to enjoy the Lego Friends show. The kids are dancing before it started in the cool grass. 

BELLA WAS IN LOVE! Highlight of her day! :) 

Brax's face shows about how we were all feeling by this time. ..ha! 

I have to confess...I told a fib to get Conrad on this ride. You are supposed to be at least 4 to ride, but he was BEGGING to go and the line wasn't that long and it was the only ride he had begged to go on all day. So i said he was 4! Worth it though for the look on his face. HE LOVED IT!

Day 4 Torrey Pines State Beach

 "Look mom, I'm a sand monster!!" 

I think they must have eaten a pound of sand each along with their snacks...
Man I love this kid!! He is such a stud! :)

Daddy Snuggle time! 

We actually went to the Mormon Battalion Museum on Monday when we first arrived in San Diego. That was a long day! But we were so glad when we finally made it and the kids had a fun time learning about what it was like back in pioneer days!  

Another fun and memorable Cali trip! I hope next year we get back to camping on the beach, but I'm at least grateful we were able to go. Nothing like Cali in the summertime! Until next year!