Monday, April 21, 2008

Little Tosies

I thought this was so cute. He is at that stage where he is always poking his hands and feet into things, exploring the world. He was taking a nap and his little foot was sticking out of the end of his crib. I couldn't resist taking a picture.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Braxton gets so silly at night! The combination of being tired and being in the bath (which he LOVES) makes him kind of slap-happy, and he does the funniest things. He'll kick his legs (which you can't see in the video for the sake of modesty of course) and make this funny face then just start busting up laughing and making the silliest noises! Its so cute and I just love watching him when he gets like this.

I also tried giving him some baby cereal this last week for the first time, and he ate it like there was no tomorrow! You'd think I hadn't fed the kid in days! I was so happy that he ate it well and we can start moving onto the solids, but also sad that my baby boy is turning into not-so-much-a-baby anymore. They grow up too fast!

His four-month check up was on Friday and he is a healthy little baby boy! Shots are definitely NO FUN for him or me...I think I cry longer than he does after they are over! He is tall and strong and almost 17 lbs! Wahoo! And the best part? His Thrush still hadn't gone away and I was getting desperate, so she prescribed some new medicine for him and within two days it started to go away! My prayers were answered! Yay for happy and healthy babies!

Friday, April 4, 2008

April Fools Shmools

I hate April Fools. Darn. Well, it was exciting while it lasted...I guess Snoop Dog hasn't converted...YET. Note to self: Always read the fine print on any mass emails or broadcasts sent out on April Fools Day. I feel like saying, "I got Punk'd!" :)

No Freakin' Way!!!

I didn't believe this when I first got an email from my brother with this little tid bit of info. But he said he thoroughly researched it, and upon researching it myself, it is in fact genuine truth. SNOOP DOG WAS RECENTLY CONVERTED TO THE LDS FAITH!!! Who would have thought? It just goes to show that we are indeed in the last days, and the truth is flying forth throughout the world, and WE NEED TO DO MISSIONARY WORK because you never know who just may stop to listen. Here is the link from CNN news about his conversion: