Sunday, June 20, 2010

Camping on the Beach - June 2010

We took our annual trip a couple a weeks ago and went camping on the beach again. It was wonderful! We normally go up above Santa Barbara, but decided to try a place lower this year near San Diego, and I am so glad we did! Not only was it a shorter drive (thank goodness! 6 hours of screaming Bella was just about all we all could handle!) but it was warmer. We loved it and had so much fun. We got there Monday night, set up camp and ate dinner, then went to bed. Tuesday through Thursday we just relaxed and spent most of every day on the beach. Braxton and Bella were both afraid of the waves (might have had something to do with the fact that B-rax was knocked over by a big one Tuesday morn when we went down before breakfast to take a look - fully clothed and all) so they spent most of their time in the sand. It was heaven to them. Bella ate a healthy dose of it as well, but a little sand never hurt anyone, right? Thats what I had to keep telling myself... Here are some pics of the first few days.

Nathan and Becca came with us, along with Landon, our cousin, and Robert, Becca's younger bro. It was so nice having family to spend time with and to enjoy the fun. Above is Nathan and a very buried Robert. It took some time to get him out of that one!

B-rax couldn't be left out, of course. This kid was so fun to watch. He made friends with every child on the beach and would have spent all day every day playing in the sand.
Daddy and son, enjoying the waves.

Little Miss Princess

I love this picture. I think it captures his personality, as well as his spirit. He is throwing sand into the ocean, or trying to. He is such an adventurer and loves playing and exploring and being apart of everything.

His favorite sand tool - his cousin Audin's shovel. Audin was a good sport about it and let him play with it alot.

Wednesday we took a trip down to the pier and walked along it, then played on the swings on the public beach for awhile. The kids loved that! It was so beautiful there.

At the campsite at night. The kids all love aunt Becca!!

Awwwww....kissing cousins!!

I love this picture of Bella!! She is growing up so fast... My little lady.

By the third day we got B-rax to go into the waves, as long as daddy or mommy was holding him or his hand. He loved it after that!

Friday morning we took a stroll to the look out to see our beach one more time and say goodbye. We have some wonderful memories there!

Then, off to Sea World!! We were there from about 11:00 to 5:00, spent most of the time in the children's play land, Sesame Street Bay of Play, then packed up and headed home. It was a long week and a long day, but we had so much fun and made lots of good memories.

Until next year!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

I am grateful for many things. To name a few, a country where I can say what I want and when I want without being afraid of penalty. Where I can worship freely. Get an education. Live in comfort, with all my needs met. Raise a family. And for all the men and women who have fought for that right, who have stood for freedom, given their lives for it, and continue to do so.

THANK YOU. Your sacrifice is not in vain, and is not unnoticed. Freedom isn't free. Thank you for paying the price.

I'm also grateful for a husband who can grill like no one's bin'ess!