Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I was the recipient of the kindest, sweetest act today and it hasn't stopped replaying in my mind.

We were at Walmart, buying some fun new pool toys for our first venture in the pool today, and I got to the register and realized I left my wallet at home. No worries though, I had my check book so I whipped it out and wrote a check for the amount. The kiddos were playing with their new extra large noodles, riding them around the isle like horses and laughing like only little children can. I gathered our goodies and began loading them up when the registrar asked for my I.D. "Oh, I actually don't have any ID, I left my wallet at home...hence the check," I said. The woman apologized but said I had to have ID or they couldn't accept my check. My heart started to sink and I felt my face flush as I ran through the scenario in my mind and realized exactly what would happen when I told the kids they would have to leave their new toys at the store. "Uh, one sec," I murmured and began frantically tearing apart my diaper bag to find what I knew wouldn't be in there. "Can I give you my phone number? Address? Social? ANYTHING?" I begged. I mean, come on, even BANKS will take money without needing an ID. I wasn't like I was asking for money back. "Sorry," she said, "I have to have ID," and she handed me back my check. I took a deep breath and turned towards my kids. "Alright, guys, we need to leave these toys here until Mommy can run home and get some different money, ok? We will come back for them, but we have to leave them here for now." And then it started. Just like I knew it would. I was almost in tears myself and was going to have to resort to prying their little fingers off their treasures just when this sweet sweet older lady spoke up behind me. "How much is it all?" she asked to the registrar, then kindly, wonderfully, said "I will pay for it. Don't worry about it. I got it." I was shocked and didn't even know what to say! I begged her to let me write her the check instead but she kept saying she didn't want anything and she just wanted the kids to have their toys. I said thank you over and over and had the children tell her thank you, but it still felt so inadequate! It wasn't a huge amount of money, but her act of kindness today meant so much more than any amount of money would have. To have to tell the kids they couldn't take their toys home, then load them all up to run home then come all the way back and wait in line again with three hungry, frustrated children would have been a nightmare, and with one act of kindness (that not many people would have done) I was spared and my children granted their little hearts' happiness. I couldn't believe it and didn't know what else to say except "Bless you!" as I walked away. Cheesy, I know, but its what I felt at the moment. I didn't know this woman and would never see her again, so the only way I could ever pay her back was to ask the Lord to bless her in repayment for what she did for me.

I spoke with the children about it a lot today and really tried to distill into their little minds how rare that was and how much it meant to us so we need to always help others if we have an opportunity to "pay it forward."  I'm excited to find a way to help someone else with the children so they can understand what that means and hopefully remember this experience forever. I think Braxton understood and has been saying all day "that was sooooo nice of her!" Yes, it was, but it was so much more. With all the horrible, evil things that go on in this world, it was so good to be reminded of the GOOD out there and that with the evil that is rising, the good is rising right along with it. I feel so blessed to have been a recipient of that pure goodness, and can't wait for my opportunity to pass it on.

"A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love."
Saint Basil

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I just was on facebook looking for something, and I came across a photo someone had tagged my sisters in from the dance festival last night. As I looked at their faces I felt this overwhelming feeling of love and pride for them. These women are amazing, talented, kind, unselfish, giving, loving, fun, and are unwavering in their faith in our Savior.  They are both such an example to me in so many ways. I am so blessed, proud and grateful to have them as not only best friends, but sisters...forever. What a blessing the Lord has given us, to be with those people we cherish and adore, for ETERNITY. Isn't that what heaven truly is? Being with those whom we truly love, every day, forever? 

And speaking of heaven and sisterly love, I just read the most amazingly wonderful book. 

I laughed, cried, felt hope, love, pride, joy, pain, and finished the last page with a renewed appreciation for life and family, and greater love for my own family and my Savior. It is written by Stephanie Nielson, a airplane crash survivor, and tells the story of her life and the accident and how she is still finding joy in every moment. I love this woman! If you are looking for something to read, or even if you're not, READ IT. It really has changed my life. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter, Conrad's 1st haircut, Outdoors

We had a wonderful Easter! Well, ok....now that I think about it... I lied. It was actually a pretty hard day. The only thing that made it a good day at all was that it WAS Easter. The kids were just cranky and disobedient all day, not to mention the fact that they snuck out of our backyard and into our neighbors home in the morning while we were trying to get ready for church.  She had to call me to come get them. EMBARRASSING! 
But other than that...:) it was nice to focus on our Savior and think about the miraculous blessing and gift He gave us. I love Easter.

Easter Morning





And look who it almost walking!! 

The weather had been HOT, but we have had a couple storms come through (dry storms, of course) and it cooled us off a bit. We have been spending as much time as we can outdoors before it gets too unbearable again. We have had a couple BEAUTIFUL days!




Monday, April 9, 2012

Woe is Me

Ever have a day where you feel like just giving up? Where you wish you could just say "I quit!" and walk away from your job as a mother like you could with any other job? Where you just want to pull your hair out, scream, kick something, swear, pull your KIDS hair, smack a little sense into them, and cry all at once? Ya, that was today. I'm so glad it almost over....

On the same note, I found a scorpion in our house last night!  It was the first live scorpion I have seen inside this house since we moved in, so I can't really complain, but still...it was a scorpion!!! I'm so grateful Justin was here to kill it and dispose of it for me! (I'm a W-I-M-P with bugs!) We had one last year right around this time that our dear Aunt Angie saw and killed in the middle of the night while she was here taking care of my kiddos just after Conrad was born. I didn't see a single one after that all summer, so I'm hoping (and praying) I have the same luck (or tender mercy, I like to think) this year too. I scoured the house last night with a black light and didn't find any others (found a lot of other nasty stuff though. NEVER look at your bathroom with a black light unless you intend to clean it immediately!) and bug guy is coming tomorrow morning to shower my yard and house with pesticides, so...we should be good. :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Conrad Turns ONE!!

WHAT, you may ask, did you do for such a special occasion? 


We started the day off by GOING TO THE ZOO!

My kids poor attempt at a "cheese!" Like the beard my man is sporting these days??? :) I do... :D:D


Ever feel like what you want is JUST out of reach?? I know, frustrating, right? Poor goat...

Mommy and the BIRTHDAY BOY!! He couldn't take his eyes off the goats!

This smile is deceiving...he really was having a good time

Conrad LOVED it! 

ICE, yum!!

Awwwwww...SO CUTE!

My Angel Baby

Lunchtime. Can you tell we were all gettin' a little tired at this point? 



And him too! 

Alls I gots to say is, THANK GOODNESS FOR GRANDMA!!!  How would I ever do this without her??

After the zoo...the kids ALL slept for like TWO HOURS!! (Thats a rare and cherished occasion in my house...) HEAVEN! Wish I could say I got to rest too, but, alas, I had to get ready for the....

                                                               BIRTHDAY PARTY!!
Blowing up party balloons! 

He loves our doggies!

PRESENT TIME!!! Of course brother and sister had to help...

AUNT ANGIE knows what he likes! Thanks Angie! 



He didn't eat much of the cake, but he sure had fun smearing it all over his high chair! 
And this ones just CUTE!!!

Happy Birthday my sweet angel baby. You are a gift straight from heaven. I can't imagine our little family without your sparkling eyes and bubbling laugh and happy smile and hugs and snuggles and kisses.