Thursday, July 24, 2008


You know what is one of the things I hate most in this world? When you realize that somehow while you were going about your cleaning for the day, your baby monitor has been switched off, and you turn it on again only to realize your child has been screaming and sobbing for who-knows-how-long. You rush to his room and sure enough his eyes are swollen and he has his face burried in his blanket as he chokes out his sobs, thinking that he is alone and no one loves him. (Or so I imagine as the cuprit mother who has unknowingly abondoned him). Thank goodness they forgive so much more easily than we forgive ourselves.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

K, so I know you can't see them too well in this picture, but can you see what I see? CURLS, people! My baby is getting CURLY HAIR!! WWWAAAHHOOOO!!!!

And here is one just for kicks. B-rax loves his bumbo seat! I love my little man!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What Do You Think?

K so I totally am loving this new toy I found. (Thanks Mal!) I have been thinking of going short, but have NO idea how it would look or if I even should. This new gizmo is oh so wonderful! I haven't had short hair since...ummm.. like I was 6? So...WHAT DO YOU THINK? (I threw in a poll to the right if you want to vote!) I am even diggin' these highlights I threw in there. I might even go with bangs...hhhmm...

LOVE the curliness!

I am actually REALLY liking this one...

I could keep it long, just layer it more and get side-swept bangs?

Or...should I go for the extreme?! :D

Liking this one too...and it could still be somewhat longer...

Friday, July 11, 2008

More about Me

So I have been tagged again! Thats ok...I like tags. Here we go.
1)Getting into a nice, clean, made bed at night 2)Writing poems and stories (don't have much time anymore for that sadly) 3)Low-fat and fat-free ice cream that still tastes like it has lots of fat. YUM!
3 Fears:
1)Losing Braxton or Justin 2) Any bug big enough to see its guts when I squish it 3) Pain (Emotional or Physical...mostly physical though. I am a whimp.)
3 Goals:
1) Lose this baby belly!
2) Do more service/magnify ward calling(s)
3) Be more dedicated to reading scriptures EVERY DAY and getting a year supply
3 Obsessions/collections:
1) Fairies. I'm a girly girl in that area. I'll admit it!
2)Books. Though I can't read as much as I once did, I am still an avid lover and can't wait to have a library just FULL of books someday.
3)Good music. Can't find enough of it these days. Or maybe I just don't have time to look. I don't know.
Random Suprising Facts:
1) As stated above, I HAVE to have the bed made before I get in at night. I can't stand getting into a messy bed.
2) I want to be a children's book author
3)I have always wanted curly hair (have I said that before? All well.)
So there ya have it.
Tag 3 people:
Cori C.
Heidi B. H. :)
Jessica M.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th Festivities

So for the 4th of July we decided to go with my family up to Taylor, Az to spend the weekend. We don't really have much family from Taylor but my brother and sister-in-law (who do have fam up there) went last year and loved it so we all decided to go this year. Friday was absolutley beautiful up there. It was cloudy and windy and SO COOL and it sprinkled on and off all day and it was just heaven. We spent Friday morning at the lake in Showlow-Lakeside (about 20 min from Taylor) canoeing and kayaking (sp?) and just enjoying the weather.
Justin canoing all by himself!

My mom and pop in their cowboy hats. My dad is a true cowboy at heart!

Me and Brookie (my sis-in-law) canoeing. Don't we look like pros!?!? Yay for the moms! :)

Justin Kayaking. He loved it.

The baby playing in the lake water. Nice and cool and refreshing!

In the afternoon we saw Hancock (which I really liked) and then that evening we drove to Holbrook (about 20 min in the other direction) for fireworks since Taylor wasn't doing theirs until Sat night. Took some pics, but they didn't turn out too well. Saturday morning Justin and I were going to leave, but we were having so much fun we decided to stay and go home late that night with the rest of my family after the big town rodeo. Before that though we went to a nice patriotic program and then hung out at the park for awhile. Again, the weather was perfect. It couldn't have been better if I had custom ordered it!
Justin and Dad just relaxing

Playing in the Park

G-ma holdin' the cute babies! (Braxton and his cousin Heather)

Yup, thats my son. Already pullin' the girls' hair...hhhmmm...and look at the innocent expression on his face. He's good.

And so we were just chillin' and guess who came up to me?!?! LIZ BRYANT! A good friend from high school! Who woulda' thought? Her family was having a big reunion there as well and we just HAPPENED to be at the same park at the same time! Yay for coinkadinks!

After the park we visited one of my dad's cousins, and while there I was outside with B-rax by the trampoline and he got ahold of the net surrounding the tramp. I couldn't stop laughing. Thats my boy!

My sweet little Man

Eating dinner before the Rodeo

Yee-Haw! Rope 'em cowboy!

Ride that bull!!

We left before fireworks to beat the traffic, and thankfully B-rax slept all the way home! It was nice to be able to spend time with my family, immediate and extended. I love holidays!