Monday, August 27, 2012

Two Down, One to Go!

A big shout out to my beautiful Bella Rose! 
I was having the hardest time getting her to use the toilet consistently and I thought she would NEVER get the hang of it... and then about a month ago I told her she couldn't go to preschool until she learned to go potty on the toilet. 
We chucked the diapers (her diapers...still have Conrad's of course), stuck her in underwear and she only had one big accident since! 
So proud of my Bella! 
Two down, one to go... :) 

(And preschool starts TOMORROW!! YAY!)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sedona Baby!!

Last weekend me and my besties took a ROAD TRIP to the beautiful town of Sedona and stayed in a BEAUTIFUL B&B where we laughed and played and relaxed to our hearts' content! 
It was so much fun and SO NEEDED - just a weekend away from the kiddos and everyday life to just be ME and play. Heidi, my bestest forever friend and sister -of -the -heart came with, as well as my sis Alisha. LOVED LOVED LOVED it. The only thing I wish we could have changed was how long we stayed! Next time (and there will be a next time!) we will stay at least TWO nights! Already lookin forward to next time! 
Me and my Heidi-B 


Out to Dinner. Mexican.....YUM! 

We found this awesome authentic mexican village with these rad statues everywhere. Of course we had to pose with them!  

Heidi's favorite statue :) "Awwwww...the little piggy!"

Chocolate, candy and ice cream....oh my! 

Can;t wait to dig in!!

We love girls night!

Our cute tosies

Me and me sistah

Buying "the perfect" pair of earrings and ring to match! 

Now thats a big horse...



Anniversary 2012

All ready for my hot date with my hot hunny! Wahoo!

We had a great time spending all afternoon together and strolling around the outlet malls, eating out, and just enjoying being with eachother. Here is to another 7 years...and then eternity!
Love ya babe.

Photos By Braxton

Braxton got hold of my camera without my knowing...i thought these were pretty funny. 
Maybe I have a photographer in the making??

Sunday, August 12, 2012


I went away this weekend, my first time EVER leaving the kids for a night. I had a "girls weekend" with my sister and my best friend (more on that to come) and it was WONDERFUL. 

HOWEVER, Friday night we are sitting in our room, watching a sappy romance and painting our toe nails and drowning ourselves in chocolate and ice cream...and I get a text with THIS picture...

"Braxton wanted a hair I gave him one..."

WHAAAAAAT THE ...........????

Lets just say its a good thing for Justin that HAIR GROWS!! (And at least it wasn't BELLA, right??)