Monday, March 29, 2010

Speakman Family Pics '10

The whole Speakman Clan...

Daniel and Brookie, Kaylee, McKay and Heather Speakman

Jaron and Aileen, Hyrum and Wyatt Speakman

Justin and Sarah, Braxton and Bella Caruso

Nathan and Becca and Auden Speakman

Alisha, the beautiful Future Missioniary

Ray and Carolyn Speakman. It all started with these two love-birds. 33 years (I think?) and more in love than ever...

The sisters! (And Bella, of course. Couldn't leave her out)

The Men! Aren't they studs?

Random cute moment...

My Flower

The immediate family. My how we have all grown...

Grandparents and the grandbabies. They loved this one!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Our sweet nephew Auden turned one! Nathan and Becca put on one heck of a party. Not only was it at a park (Braxton's favorite). . .

They had wonderful decorations, delicious food...

And Candy Galore!! Wahoo!

The Birthday Boy!

My happy baby!!

And the OTHER best part of the party was an awesome ball pit for the kids! By far the coolest party we have been to in...well...probably ever!

She is teething...can you tell? cute!

Check out this face! I love it!

"DEFINITELY the best party ever!" she says

Happy 1st Auden! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you!

Beautiful Babies

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Last Saturday was such as wonderful, happy day. No reason in particular, other than my precious baby girl was in the best mood ever. From the moment she woke up from her morning nap until she went to sleep at night she didn't utter a single cry. She was so bubbly and talkative and smiley and cuddly and played by herself so well and was just a joy. I sure wish I knew what made the difference so I could do it more often.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monster Truck Jam

What could be more fun for a two year old than a TRUCK JAM?!?! B-rax loved it, and Justin loved being with B-rax, so they were both happy. :)

B-rax, Jo Jo and Grandpa
Daddy and Braxton

Already practicing for when he is 16. I'm sure it will come all too soon!

This Kid Loves Hats

Hangin' with Aunt Lee Lee

(Note: This was taken after a traumatizing experience (hair cut!!), so he was given his binkie only for a moment to calm down...)

Braxton is such a big boy. He is talking more and more and often repeats things Justin and I certainly makes me more cautious! I love hearing his take on the world. He is so smart and just loves to have fun. He is a ball of energy and has to be outside for at LEAST an hour a day or he goes stir crazy. He runs barefoot everywhere - i can't get him to wear his shoes for more than like 30 min before he is yanking them off again. He is in love with trucks, fishie crackers, his "baby whales" (bath toys), Dora, (he finally moved on from Little Bear!! Whew!) choo choo trains and anything sweet. I love it when he gives me smooches and tells me he loves me. There is nothing sweeter in the world.


I Love watching my children become friends. So often Braxton doesn't want to take a nap or is impatient with me getting him dressed or changing his diaper cause he wants to "Pway wif Bewa!" Unfortunately his idea of "play" is not always the most gentle...I feel like a broken record at times. "Braxton, be soft to your sister." " Braxton, don't kick your sister." "Braxton, don't run over Bella with your scooter." "Braxton, if you hit her one more time..." "Braxton, don't throw your toys at Bella." "Braxton, leave her hair alone please..."

And yet, she still idolizes him. What would the world be like if we could all have the heart and love of a babe?

Bella Rose, My Beautiful Flower

Has it really only been 8 months since this little beauty entered my life? It feels like she has held a piece of my heart forever.

Check out this poser...can you say CHEEZMO!! Oh how I love it!!

She is so full of personality, every day is like opening a present to see what new quirk she will have.

She loves to be held and loved and cuddled with. She loves exploring and uses her mouth to test out EVERYTHING, putting anything and everything into it she comes in contact with. She is like a human vacuum cleaner. Great for the floor, bad for my baby. She loves singing and dancing to music and copying whatever her older brother is doing.

Her smile melts my heart.

She is definitely a drama queen in the making! When she is mad or frustrated she starts crawling towards me then throws herself down on the floor and cries, then crawls a little further and throws herself down again, and will continue this until I notice her or pick her up. Its so funny I can't help laughing!

No teeth yet, but thats a good thing because I can't get her to take a bottle. She is definitely attached to me in more ways than one...