Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Friends We Are and Friends We'll Ever Be..."

Last night we were able to get together with alot of our friends who we haven't seen for awhile for a fun litttle reunion. Jon and Mals are leaving next week to Utah so it was sort of a last hurrah before we never see them again. (sniff) Chris and Erica (Mals sister) were there too with their little baby girl and Brad Billings and Brent were able to show up too. Yay for old friends!

Chris and Erica and Evelyn Jenkins. Evelyn is adorable and even though she is younger than Braxton she is almost bigger than him already! Such a cute and fun family.

B-rad Billings, who turned out to be the only single guy there after Brent ditched out on us. (I think it was for hometeaching, though, so we forgave him!) I'm sure he just loved sitting around listening to us talk about how our babies ate and pooped. Sorry Brad. We were really glad you were there. :)

Brent. He can always bring a smile to your face.

Jon and Mals and baby Hannah. Every time I see those baby cheeks I just want to bite them! She is so cute! We are going to miss them.

B-rad playing with the baby. He is going to be a good daddy someday.

And I of course had to get a picture of all the babies together. Notice Braxton going after Evelyn's hair...he has a hair fettish (which is why I can never where my hair down anymore). If he sees any hair at all, he goes straight for it! Even the little bit that she had couldn't deter him. Hannah was pretty content most of the time but I think those two play a little too rough for her still. She is a sweet baby.

Brad and Justin got a little bored with all the "mommy" talk, so they decided to play together instead. Well, kind of together. They are playing the same game but on each of their own phones, seeing who could get the highest score. Male bonding..what can I say?

It was a fun night and I am truly grateful for such wonderful friends. It was really good to get together and see everyone again. Good Luck in Utah Jon and Mals and God be with ya'll til we meet again!

My Little Man

I know the first picture is blurry...sorry about that. But I loved his little face too much to discard it and he wouldn't hold still for another! Braxton will turn 7 months on the 4th of July. I can't believe he is so old already. He is sitting up so great and just starting to try and scoot around.

My little man puts everything he can into his mouth. His hands are always searching for something to grab onto, and as soon as he gets something it goes STRAIGHT to the mouth. Doesn't matter the size...if he can touch it he tries to suck on it!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Cali Pics..

Here are a few more Cali pics curteousy of Karen.

Isn't my sister beautiful? I love her!

K don't freak out on this next picture. Karen has the coolest camera ever and she has this fun edit program that lets you take a picture of someone and then it randomly warps the face a little bit to make goofey photos. She took one of Braxton that was hilarious but it must have got lost somewhere. Here is one of me:


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Fun

Two years ago we went with my mom's side of the family to El Capitan State Beach in California, and ever since we have made it a tradition in our own family to go each summer. We love the ocean and the cool weather and the chance to experience camping while hearing the waves just a few steps away. We took Alisha my sister and Karen, her good friend, with us and we had such a blast! It was definitely colder this year then it has been...most likely because we went earlier in the year. The 7 hour drive was kind of tough for our little guy, but with a few breaks every now and then we made it though it! Here is little B-rax enjoying a break from the confines of the car on the way there. I love his mohawk!

Braxton's first look at the ocean!! It was C-O-L-D!!

Alisha running from the waves. It seriously made your feet tingle and start to go numb it was so cold!

Chillin' in the tent.

I love this picture of Braxton! What a nut!

Playin' cards while baby sleeps. I won, of course. :)

I had to improvise in giving Braxton his bath at night. Poor little guy. He was so cold! I later discovered that the oversized sinks used for washing out clothes just outside the bathrooms worked wonderful as a bathtubs. Too bad I didnt get a picture.

Even though the water was like ice and it was cloudy and overcast, Justin and the girls were determined to go swimming while we were there. Justin is fearless...he just wades right in and rolls right along with the waves without even a shiver. Just watching him makes me cold! The girls didn't last as long as he did, but heck they are more brave than I am! Thankfully I had the baby as an excuse. :) We got our legs wet, but that was as far as we both wanted to go!

Braxton decided he wanted Alisha's apple. Mmmm, mmm, good! He really went at that thing for awhile!

Just a happy boy!

So overall it went well, but we did have a few our air mattress getting a hole and having to sleep on the hard rocky ground since we forgot to rake the area before we put up our tent...or how about a fat bird pooping out his entire days meal all over me and Braxton. Seriously, those birds eat berries like no tomorrow and it was like someone opened a pie and dumped the contents into my lap. I about freaked. I swear they take aim. I chide myself for not taking a picture of it but at the time the only thing I could think about was getting that stuff OFF. And the stupid bird totally ruined my sweater and pants. Good thing for him I didn't have a BB gun...But other than that we had alot of fun and it was so nice spending the whole week with Justin and my baby. I just love vacations!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Family Memories

We finally had some family pictures taken!! It took us long enough to get here, but it was worth it. I am totally happy with how these turned out! These are some of my faves...