Sunday, March 18, 2012

At The Firehouse

Braxton's preschool class took a trip to a fire station a couple months ago. I think I was almost as excited as the kiddos to go! It was so cool! 
First we all gathered round the fireman and listened to him explain how it all worked and what exactly they do

After a tour of the house we got to come check out the firetruck! Wahoo!!
Bella of course had to buckle herself in and then got stuck and had to have help getting out. Love that girl.

She is LOVING it! 

My handsome boy

Checking out the gear

The Kiddos

It was a wonderful trip and the kids (and adults!) loved it! Can't wait til next time! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Horses, cows, and goats...oh my!

My dear friend (and RS Pres) owns horses and offered to let Brax and Bella come ride a little. Never have two children been more excited and bubbly. They were all smiles and thought they were the luckiest kids in the world! 
They look pretty good up there, too! Maybe riding lessons are in order? 

They don't come much prettier than this lil' lady!

All pumped and gettin ready to ride

He loved every second of this and we had to bribe him when it came time to get off. He kept petting the horse and saying "Good boy!" while he was riding. :) Love this kid. 


So one beautifully cool and breezy day last week Braxton proclaimed he wanted to go swimming. I explained how cold the water was and how cold HE would be, but he informed me he would NOT be cold and thinking I would just let him learn the hard way, I said he could get the little pool and give it a try. 
It was definitely ME who was surprised as he filled the pool right up and took the plunge without a seconds hesitation! He played in it for about an hour and had a ball! 
This kid constantly amazes me. 

And then there is this little guy, my main squeeze! 
How can you not help but wanna squeeze him? And kiss and hug and snuggle and love all day long!!

Braxton's preschool class went on a field trip last week to a dairy farm. They got to pet, feed, and hold some animals, then we took a tour and saw the HUNDREDS of cows they milk TWICE a day, then they got free samples of flavored milk and yummy ice cream! It was a wonferfully fabulous time! 
Feeding the goats

Bella LOVED the whole experience, probably more than Braxton. She soaks life in like a sponge! Her spirit is contagious.  

HA! Trying to get a better view of the funny lookin' two leggers? 

Chasing the chickens - probably her favorite part of the farm!

Jack, Braxton's best buddy came with us as his momma just had a baby. He was a good boy and LOVED the ice cream!

Braxton was so surprised at how SOFT the bunny was. He kept saying over and over "He's so soft!" and rubbing his face on its fur. So cute! 



Random picture, but I couldn't help snap it! This is Conrad's favorite thing to do whilst I grind wheat to bake bread. 
Hey, at least he eats his grains for the day! YUM! :) 
Conrad, my sparkly-eyed boy