Sunday, January 12, 2014

Alisha's Wedding

I can't believe my little sister is married. We have been conspiring and planning for this day for so long, and now its over and she has joined the ranks of married women! It was SO FUN planning it all and putting it together with my amazing sister in laws, Aileen and Brookie. Alisha looked liked a timeless, classic, vintage princess. She couldn't have chosen a more beautiful gown, and her hair and jewelry were simply icing on the cake. I mean, look at her for goodness sakes!!!!She is GORGEOUS!!

We (me and sister in laws) were all reminiscing back to our wedding days and wishing we had half the beauty and awesome wedding team (yes, thats us) to help pull off such a magnificent and amazing wedding day. :)

The reception was stunning. We did a vintage theme, with popcorn and hot chocolate and an oreo cake (yes, an oreo cake :) ) for refreshments. We rented a venue for it, which happened to just be right behind my house, literally, so that was nice and convenient. The place is beautiful and worked perfect for what we wanted. So many wonderful memories of this night!

Me and my angel baby, Sophie. Oh how I love her!

Mark is wonderful for Alisha. He is patient and kind, soft spoken and fun, with a  strong testimony. He is a little young still, 3 yrs younger than her, but he will grow and mature and they will be so great together. I am excited for this new addition to the family and all the changes it will bring, in her life and ours as a Speakman family. She deserves so much happiness. All my love to you, my sister.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Family Pics 2013

My Kiddos
I can't believe how big they all are. Time is going by too fast! Ah I love them! 

Christmas card for this year
Family Pics, taken in November. Didn't really get a good one of the whole fam, but got really good ones of the kids. Here are just a few of my faves....

Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas! We had a wonderful one this year, minus the stomach bug making its way through our ranks that week. I am always amazed how quickly Christmas comes each year. And it seems to continue to come faster and faster each year! Halloween comes, then you barely have time to breathe before Thanksgiving, then you blink and its Christmas and then the New Year begins! I love the busy-ness though. It adds to the excitement and thrill of it all. :) Such a magical time! And its so fun watching that magic sparkle in my children's eyes each year. But as wonderful as Santa and presents and all that is, this year I really tried to help my kiddos to remember the reason we even celebrate this special time. I want them to always hold Christmas close to their hearts not because they get presents and candy and goodies, but because our Savior was born into this world. Its for HIM that we celebrate. Everything that we have, we have because of Him. I hope I was able to plant that seed into their hearts and minds and hopefully it will only continue to grow and flourish with each passing year.

Always amazed at how long it takes "Santa" to put this all together!  Even with help from some little Elves, Santa didn't finish til 2am! Yikes! 

I dont think Conrad quite knows whats happening yet...

My present from my honey! A beautiful Coach diaper bag. Perfect and lovely. Now I can be a mommy with some style. :) 

Weapons and more weapons. Thats all this kid wanted! he cracks me up. 

So excited to get her own apron to help mommy cook! 

Here it is...the one he has been waiting for...

Now THATS a happy boy! :) 

Santa knows just what to bring...FINALLY his own quad! 

My goals for 2014: Get my WHOLE HOUSE organized!  Lose the rest of my baby weight. FINALLY go on a vacation with just me and my hubby somewhere beautiful and tropical.
Get COMPLETELY out of debt!
Its gonna be a great year!! :)