Friday, October 23, 2009

Bouncy B-rax

My sister watched some of our nieces and nephews while their parents were out of town last weekend, so we took all the kids to one of those cool bounce house party places to let them play for awhile. Sadly, the age limit was 14, or me and my sis would have been all over that right along with the kiddos, but alas we had to stand and watch them have all the fun. There were at least 8 different bouncy balloon obstacle course thingies and they all looked like a blast. Braxton was terrified at first and just had fun running around the arena, but I forced him to go down some with Shaliah and then he of course loved it and didn't want to stop. They all had so much fun. I was jealous!

Braxton and Bella

Its so weird, but cool, to see your little babies turn into little people. Braxton is talking up a storm all the time now, and although I don't always understand everything he says, HE knows what he is saying and its so fun listening to him. Its also amazing to see how much he understands and takes in. He already knows some letters and numbers and is starting to learn the colors. His favorite is blue, of course. Everything is "Bwoo!" He is my little man and turning into a big helper. Of course its not always roses, as he is getting into the "Terrific twos!" as my mom calls them. He is going through his kicking and hitting phase and starting to bite when he gets mad at me. Hopefully it will end soon. He is a sweet kid though and I will do anything to get this kid to smile and laugh at me. I love to hear him laugh. Pure joy.

He here he being his silly self and trying to see how many things he can bump into with a garbage can over his head. Luckily he has a hard head, as he hit pretty much everything in the room, including the dogs.

My beautiful baby girl makes my heart sing. She smiles all day and loves to be loved. She is definitely a mamma's girl, and is usually pretty content as long as she is in my arms. She has been dealing with a little bit of acid reflux and its so hard to see her unhappy and in pain and not be able to do anything about it. I can't wait for it to be over so she can be my smily baby again. I love kissing her fluffy cheeks and hearing her babble on. She is my little princess.

This is the first time she wore the outfit "Aunt Heidi" made for her. Its my favorite outfit she has right now. Thanks Heidi B!

Just a random pic of me and my sisters (and baby girl) during one of the general conference sessions. We were doing backrubs. Gotta love conference!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New York '09

Walking to the Lake on Sunday afternoon. Beautiful, but the mosquitos were a killer. We let Braxton walk, too, and that was a mistake. Poor kid was exhausted, though it wasn't that far from my mother-in-laws house.

We took a family trip up the mountain that my mother-in-law lives on and went up to the rim. It was gorgeous, and the weather was just perfect and the air nice and fresh and crisp. It got me excited for Autumn, whenever it decides to show up here in AZ! Braxton of course HAD to push the stroller rather than ride in it. He is obsessed with anything that has wheels and INSISTS on pushing or pulling it himself. Try to help him, and all you-know-what breaks loose! (This makes it extremely difficult to go grocery shopping, as if it wasn't hard enough with two kids!)

Standing on top of the mountain overlooking the river...

Baby Bella, chillin' in her car seat. One of the few times she was semi-happy while being forced to sit in it during the car rides!

The Thursday and Friday we were there we took a trip down to Boston to spend some time with one of Justin's old mission buddies and good friend, Brad. We ate at good restaurants, rode some fun trains, played at the park, went to the huge Aquarium, and just hung out with Brad for awhile. It was fun being back where Justin served his mission and seeing some of the places he served. THanks again Brad for letting us bombard your bachelor pad and putting up with our two kids. Your awesome!
The weather, again, was gorgeous but a bit chilly. Had to actually break out the sweater some of the time we were there. Loved it!

B-rax's first time riding a carousel! This was probably one of the highlights of the whole trip for him. He loved it and screamed when we had to leave. Poor kid. With $3 a ride, though, we couldn't endulge him as much as he would have liked. It was fun watching him enjoy it for awhile though.

At the Aquarium!

This Sea Turtle was H-U-G-E!!! She was the biggest animal in the tank...even bigger than the sharks in there! That is one giant mamma!

He loves his fishies!!

Me and my boy! (Sorry Bella, your head got cut off! )
Daddy and Son