Thursday, January 27, 2011

Braxton: "Where were you Mommy?"

Me: "I was in the bathroom."
Braxton: "You went potty in the toilet?"
Me: "Yup."
Braxton: "Good job mommy! I'm so proud of you!"
(Can you tell we are potty training? :) )

(Loui is licking Braxton's leg)
Braxton: "Stop it Loui! I'm not food!"

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Years Eve and Cousin Fun

The week after Christmas we had a wonderful present from some of our cousins who live in Utah. They came down for a week to play with us and celebrate Christmas and the New Year with my Speakman family! It was so great seeing them again and getting to know their cute little babies and just being around them.

Some of the fun stuff we did while they were here: Going out to the desert and playing with their "toys!" (Quads and dirt bikes.) It was FREEZING cold that week for us here in Arizona (high in the 40s!), and I had to actually go out and by my kids winter clothes for our little excursion! We had a blast though.

Bella all bundled up for the cold. We were taking a break from the CRAZY wind and enjoying the warmth of the car.

B-rax got to go out for a long ride on the quads with Jono and the gang. He had a BLAST and talked about it for days afterwards. He is enjoying a nice big donut and dethawing in the car with us.

This is by far the coolest toy they had, and definitely B-rax's favorite. :) A mini dirt bike with training wheels!!! Cousin Brian bought two of these for his cute twin girls for Christmas, and was nice enough to let Braxton ride it a few times. He quickly became addicted and never wanted to get off, of course. Brian added a rope on back to stop the bike and prevent and mishaps, and fixed the gas so it could only go so fast. It was so fun watching B-rax enjoy it!

Bella with Cousin Neil on a quad! She was so excited to finally have a turn!

Posing for a pic before another ride...

We enjoyed just chillin' with them all wherever we were, but it was fun to let the little kids play out on our carport with their little mini toys.

Bella pushing little Zoey on her little quad. So cute!

You gotta love this girl...

Brian and Tina's girls turned 2 while here! We had a little party for them to wish them a happy birthday.

New Years Eve was a blast. We had a HUGE party at the church house with lots of family and friends, with our amazing cousins Neil and Ben D.J.-ing for us the whole night. Here we were having a dance off between two of the youngsters there, and B-rax just HAD to get up and join in.

Games and Fun

Bella was a champ at the Limbo :)

Happy New Year!!

The kids made it until about 11:00, then both started to get that "glazed" look in their eyes so we took off to go home and put them to bed. Justin pooped out on me just before midnight, but I was a champ and stayed up (barely) to see the ball drop and hear the fireworks go off. Another year, come and gone. 2010 was wonderful. Can't wait to see what the new year brings!!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Braxton has been saying really cute/funny things lately. I love watching him explore and discover the world around him. Here are some of my favorites:

"Mom, can I have crackers and fishies?"
"Sure Braxton." (I grab a bag and pour the crackers and fishies into the bag for him.)
"Good job mommy!"

(Sitting in bathtub and is petting his leg, then kisses it.)
"I love you my sweet leg!"

Braxton and Bella have little "conversations" all the time and I love listening to them, especially since half of Bella's words are still unintelligible. We were in the car and they were "talking" and Bella said something to him and Braxton scrunched up his face, tapped his chin and said, "What? 'Shwumpee?' what does THAT mean?" :)

(WHile we were swinging outside)
"Mommy, look a butterfly! ... Wow...Its so beautiful!"

We reached a milestone today. I FIIINNNNAALLLYY got Braxton to poop in the toilet!!! WAHOO!! He has been peeing for awhile but was deathly afraid to poop for some unknown reason, UNTIL TODAY! Is is sad when a mother gets so excited over her child's bowel movement? Well, so be it. Today I am one happy woman. :)

Last Sunday was Bella's first day in nursery, and Braxton's first day in primary! Braxton had a little bit of a hard time going into the primary room at first and sitting with his class, but after about 10 mins he warmed up and finally went and sat down. I was so grateful. For some reason I was just so emotional that day, and I could barely keep the tears at bay when Braxton started getting a little emotional about going in there by himself. I don't know what I would have done if he refused to go, since I still had Bella squirming in my arms and Justin was teaching his class. THEN I went and took Bella to nursery, and thats when I lost it. :( I don't even know why!! She was so excited (and heaven knows I had been looking forward to this day for MONTHS!!!) to go in and wasn't even crying, but I just couldn't stop the tears this time. It was so embarrassing! I said goodbye to her and had to go to the bathroom and have a good cry for a few minutes. Sad, isn't it? A grown woman. Sheesh. i'm such a baby. She ended up doing well the first hour, but I guess lost it the second hour and they had to bring her to me in Young Women's cause she was crying so much. I of course was teaching though, so they had to take her screaming out of the room again to go find Justin. It was a hard day. I was grateful when church was over and I could take my kids home and hold them and kiss them and love them all I wanted. I'm such a softie.