Sunday, March 27, 2011

Still here...

Today is my due date. And I'm still here.... Ugh...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Life as I Know It

Today Brax and Justin took the first swim of the year!! Only in Arizona can you go swimming in March, right? The water was still COLD, but these two are water babies and loved it. Braxton was so excited to get in with Daddy. I love watching my boys play together and have a good time.

B-rax and Bella are growing so fast. Bella is the most adorable little thing. I am so grateful for her. She is my cuddlebug and just loves to be held and cuddle and kiss. She has this thing right now for ears. Yes, EARS. Every time I hold her she has to be holding onto one of my ears! Its like a comfort thing to her. I don't know if its because they are soft and squishy and close to the face or what, but she just loves holding/feeling my ears, and anyone else's ears who is holding her at the time. She is a fireball and just goes goes goes all day, but no matter what she is doing she always comes to find me before too long and wants to have a hug or cuddle for a sec before she is off again. I love it, but I know she is going to have a hard adjustment when this little guy comes. Thankfully she is FINALLY sleeping better though the night after much work to get her there. Not sleeping ALL night without crying, but doing much better than she was, and I don't have to stay there in the room with her while she falls asleep anymore. Its been WONDERFUL and I am so grateful I was able to get her here before this baby keeps me up all night again. She is such a princess though and just loves anything girly. Shoes (ESPECIALLY shoes) purses, make-up, jewelry, clothes, hair name it and if its girly she loves it. I couldn't love her more.
Braxton is completely potty trained!! Wahoo!! He did so great and hasn't even had a single accident since he started peeing in the toilet. I am so proud of him. He is such a smart kid and he amazes me every day with the things he says and does. However, he is at a hard stage right now. He is such a sweet boy, so its so hard to see him going through this, but he just has started talking so sassy. He has started saying words that he knows are wrong (just little words like stupid and butt and shut up) but I can't get him to stop saying them. I have tried time-out and taking away toys and sassy spray (vinegar diluted with water) but so far nothing has worked. My next step is tabasco sauce or soap, and I am so sad I have to resort to that. I guess its normal though for every kid to go through this stage. I remember mom and dad washing my and my siblings mouths with soap many times, so I can't say its mean or cruel, but I just hate that I have to do it. And not just for saying naughty words, but for the way he talks to me. Yelling and demanding and back-talking and telling us "no." Its hard to imagine him doing that. I hate it. Its so hard to watch and listen to when you know he is really not like that, that he is a sweet kid who can just melt my heart when he wants to. I am hoping it won't last too long and this phase will pass quickly.
Its fun to watch him and Bella play together though. Of course sometimes they can't help but tease eachother, but alot of times they are the best of friends and it makes me so happy to watch. Braxton loves playing with her and will actually ask her to come play with him. And the first thing Bella asks for in the morning when she wakes up is Braxton. As soon as she sees him she just runs to him and gives him the biggest hug. I LOVE IT. He of course doesnt always want to accept it from her, but there is nothing better than to see your children love eachother and get along so well. Those moment are the ones that become engrained in my head and will last forever as a cherished and loved memory.
My sweet kiddos - The Loves of my life!! (And Justin too, of course. :) )

9 Months!

Two more weeks to go!!! So close, yet SO FAR....