Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bella's 2nd Bday! (Finally!)

I took Bella and Brax and some of our good friends to Jambo, an indoor theme park for kids for her birthday. The prices are way cheap for all day rides, and the kids LOVED it! Its definitely a place we will be visiting often this summer!

(I edited these pics, but for some reason they uploaded pre-edited...annoying. Sorry!)
This was Bella's favorite ride...the airplanes

My perfect little man

The train was awesome..they all loved it

A ride where you can beat eachother up without getting hurt? DEFINITELY Brax's favorite ride!
Cute vampire teeth. Of course my son has to be the one trying to bite someone's ear off..

Then on the 4th of July we combined celebrations and had a big party for Bella's and our country's birthday!
Swimming, food, presents, BAHAMA BUCKS, wonderful family and friends...can't get any better than that!
My pappa and baby boy
Birthday girl and her pretty bracelet Aubray made for her!
Our dear friend Aubray, 8 months prego!
Nate dog
Justin, playing with the kiddos in the pool
Becca and baby Margaret
Cannon Ball!!!! (Brax)
Aileen and Hannah
My wonderful mother, making Bella's cake to take some of the load off my back. I love this woman!
Jer-bear and Hannah, enjoying some red, white and blue Bahama bucks baby! Wahoo!
THE CAKE!!! Isn't it AWESOME!!! My moms the best

And then we of course couldn't miss out on the fireworks that night! We all gathered and Nathan and Becca's new house and had our own firework display and let the kids get involved. Much more fun that way!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET BELLA!!!! You are loved more than you know.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Life's A Movin' Forward

I got my first "big" calling in church this week. Well, at least it feels big to me! The bishop and his councilor came over Thursday night to release me from Young Women's, and thats where I thought it ended. I was so sad to be released, young women's has seriously been my dream calling for so long. I love those girls and their beautiful testimonies and sweet spirits. It was truly a gift to be with them for as long as I was. But I had heard for some weeks that our whole YW and Relief Society were being changed out, so I wasn't too surprised to learn I was released. Then came the next part. One of other women who was with me in YW, who I look up to and admire so much, was called to be the new Relief Society president, and she wanted me as her secretary...

WHOA. If it had been anyone else as president, I would have thought maybe she didn't know my situation with how much of my time my children take up and wonder if I could really do this calling. But I have worked closely with her the past year and I know she knows how crazy Braxton and Bella are and how Conrad is attached at my hip, so if she knows that and has talked with the Lord and still believes I can still do this...then I will trust her and the Lord and give it my all, however much that may be. I think she has more confidence in me than I have in myself at this point though.
But I am excited too. I am excited to be working with her and the two other sweet and wonderful women that were called as her councilors. I have hardly been in RS at all since being married because my callings have taken me elsewhere, but the times I have been in there the spirit is so strong and there is such a feeling of sisterhood and love. I know they will all be so patient with me and understanding of my crazy kids, cause most of them have been there themselves. This will be a great chance for me to learn and grow and learn how to prioritize my time better. I have been feeling kind of stagnant lately in my spiritual and intellectual growth. Its hard to feel intellectual sometimes when you are talking baby talk to little children, discussing super heros and my little ponies, and wiping spit up off your shirt for the 100th time. Not that I resent any of that - its just takes some effort to remember I do indeed have a college degree. So I'm excited to be able to have an opportunity to challenge me again and help me grow. My biggest worry was finding time to do it all, but the bishop blessed me today to be able to indeed find that time and still have the needed time for my family and children. I am so grateful for an caring and in-tune bishop, and for a loving Savior and Father who know what I need and bless me with the ability to achieve it.

Funny thing is, two days after I got my call, Justin was visited by a member of the stake presidency and given another calling as well. Second councilor in the Elder's Quarum Presidency! He still teaches Sunday school and is the cub scout committee chairman, so until (and even after) he is released, he is going to be a busy boy. He will be wonderful, though. He is such a natural and strong leader. I am excited for the growth this will give him as well, and the opportunities it will hopefully present for our family to serve more. I have been thinking we need to do more service so our children can learn to put others before themselves. Ask and ye shall receive, right? :)

Life is moving forward, and how wonderful it is!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Something cute Braxton said today:

"Oh I am so full Mommy..."
"Oh ya?"
"Ya. See?" (patting his tummy) "Its saying, 'no more food!'"

P.S. My camera is currently MIA. As soon as I find it, Bella's Bday Bash will be up and runnin'!